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What I Really Learned in College

What I Really Learned in College (With Honors, #1) - Addison Winters

Let me just state: this book completely wowed me! This was so much better than I thought it was going to be and kept turning pages until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Addison Winters has created a very realistic situations that was written so beautifully. 

Alex is a 32 year old divorced mother of two young boys. She has gone back to college to better her future for her sons. In the midst of going back to school she meets a handsome young man who is turning 21 years old. She knows he's off limit because of his age, but one night out for a celebration turns everything into an interesting roller-coaster. Mason is a 20 year old college junior taking the same class, sociology, as Alex. He finds her intriguing but thinks nothing can happen between them because of their age difference. Little does he know that his 21st birthday will bring the two together.

I totally loved the romance between Alex and Mason. It wasn't too slow, but it wasn't fast either. They were flirtatious for a few days with one another but at Mason's 21st birthday things "turn up" and get hot and heated between the two. The sex scenes weren't too crazy -- they were hot and heavy, but they weren't too gritty to read. Some points I thought Alex was a bit too dominant, but then again it fit with the whole age difference.

Mason wowed me majority of the book because despite the age difference he was open and willing to learn all that he could just to be with Alex. Alex seemed like an awesome teacher for him because he caught on to things pretty well. The characters that berated them such as Courtney, Becca, Alex's mom and her siblings -- were all jerks. I think they should have minded they're own business. Not everyone finds happiness in the same age bracket or race. They just all reacted so rudely to them and it pissed me off. People like Nick, Emma, Isaac and Lisa were awesome because even though they were aware of the strange age difference they still supported Alex and Mason at every twist and turn.

I loved Alex son's Max and Henry -- they were simply too adorable and I enjoyed how they approved of Mason no matter his age. They only cared that he made their mom happy and it was just too cute for words. Danny, Alex's ex husband, was a damn jackass. I did not like how he treated his kids. Finding out about the whole Disney trip really irked my nerves and proved that Danny was a complete jerk.

That ending with Hayden, Mason's real father, was crazy! Let alone that sneak peak of the sequel. I just can't believe it. I hope Alex doesn't do anything hurtful and Hayden needs to simply back off!

Overall, this book was a pleasure to read and totally recommend it 110%

As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me - Ann Aguirre I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Ann Aguirre did an awesome job with this companion sequel in the 2B Trilogy. It was a great insight into what really happened with Lauren at school, her mishap with Max and her feelings for Rob.

I still loved I Want It That Way (book #1) much better.

Lauren seemed very distant in I Want It That Way book 1 in the trilogy). She seemed like a growing alcoholic with many secrets, but as I got more into this book I realized my perception of her was totally wrong. Lauren was a girl trying to please society and in the midst she spiraled downward into an unhappy state. When she's moves back home she begins to accept that she can't really please the world and must do what she feels is right for her. While returning home her feelings for an old long time crush come back, but the crush is no ordinary guy -- he's Robert Conrad, Nadia's older brother.

Robert Conrad aka Rob was a very insecure guy with a hot body that every girl dreamed of having on top of them. Robert was thought of as dumb by many people including his own family. He was quiet and kept to himself and normally just did what people wanted. It wasn't until Lauren showed him how much he was worth and deserved that his confidence picked up.

The relationship between Lauren and Robert was so wrong that it was perfect. Meaning they both had issues that needed to be dealt with and worked out, but together they couldn't solve them. When Rob moved to Canada it gave them both a chance to work those issues out and then come back together stronger. I love how Lauren pushed him away for his own good, but at the same time I wanted to jump through the pages and punch her in the face. Their relationship was slow, well built and in the end was pure perfection.

Avery, Rob's ex girlfriend, was a total queen b at first because of how she assumed Rob and Lauren were messing around. The part at the supermarket pissed me off as well (fight scene), but as the story progresses I learned that just like Lauren and Robert, Avery has some issues of her own that don't excuse her actions but she has a good reason. I loved Avery at the end, she was a surprising character for me.

Overall, I am excited for the final book to be released and to see what takes place for Max and the new roomie they have!

The Beautiful Ashes

The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Review from my blog: Nay's Pink Bookshelf. Check it out for an excerpt!

OMG ! This was a perfect start to Jeaniene Frost's newest New Adult series, Broken Destiny. Perfection. This story has an interesting take on the story of David and Goliath. I was skeptical at first, but I'm glad I read this and gave it a chance.

The story begins with Ivy finding out that her sister is missing and her parents have died coming to look for her. She is determined to find her sister. She pulls up at a bed and breakfast where she has a vision of her sister, but she gets hit by the owner. She returns to her hotel room to find a mysterious young man awaiting her arrival. This mysterious man is Adrian. He saves her life from a minion and takes her back to Zach only to find out that things are more than they seem and Ivy has bargained for more than she can handle. From there the stories goes into a world of Archons (angels), demons, realms and bloodlines of David and Goliath (can't explain too much without spoiling the story for you all).

Jeaniene has created some outstanding characters with very realistic attitudes and personas. Ivy is a sort of shy girl, but when you push her buttons she becomes confident and bold without question; she sort of believes everything is good. Adrian is the good guy with a dark, dreary past that has complicated his future and he just doesn't see a way to beat his odds until it's too late. Demetrius is the evil foster-father that has kept secrets only to turn his foster son against others. Zach is the secretive opt guy who does as he says and answers questions to T.

The world building was outstanding. I felt like every demon realm Ivy entered I was sucked into it. I never thought a demon realm would be cold, but as I read this book I shivered in my sheets just thinking about what Ivy felt like in the realms. Even the minions, demons and creatures drew me into the realms.

The romance between Ivy and Adrian was perfect. A forbidden love between two people from opposite bloodlines couldn't be more perfect. It was a seesaw of emotions. Ivy wanted Adrian, but he pushed her away. At the end Adrian wanted her, but she pushed him away. I can't wait to see how the romance plays out for them.

Zach was annoying to me. It's like he knew so much and could help, but didn't because he was following orders or looked at Ivy and Adrian as pawns. It pissed me off. I feel like he should have been like Castiel from Supernatural and said "f*ck these rules" -- I'm just saying. Demetrius just upset my thoughts and stomach. He was a spiteful demon … more like the devil himself.

The ending wasn't really a cliffhanger, but I felt like Adrian and the Archons betrayed Ivy equally. They way she pushed Adrian away killed me to pieces. I just can't even really think about it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book to a T. Every page, word and sentence was gripping. I was sucked into this book and couldn't put it down. I'm excited to get my hands on the sequel!

Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking - Ruth  Silver Received this book in exchange of an honest review form the author.

Dead Girl Walking is a story about a Princess named Ophelia who sneaks out to see her forbidden boyfriend. She is already arranged to be married, but on the night she goes to see her boyfriend she is killed by a mysterious guy and saved by Edon, a grim reaper. He gives her the option to either let her soul move on or get a second chance at life as a grim reapers under a new identity -- she accepts.

When she accepts, she becomes Lelia and gets a new body to live in with different features. At first she disobeys the rules and doesn't reap souls and visits home, but eventually she learns that every choice has a consequence and things need to happen in an orderly manor. Lelia was definitely an interesting young lady. She was afraid at certain points and very bold. I love her indecisiveness, sometimes I normally despise that, but Ruth Silver made it work for Lelia's character.

Mara, Princess Ophelia's baby sister, was a sweet, confident young lady. She respected her role as the princess, but when her sister died she started to question a lot of things and loved it. Edon reminded me of a warden. He was strict, kept conversation short and to the point and may be the head reaper. Wynter was such a handsome character for me. I enjoyed him from start to finish. He was caring and mysterious. The secret romance between him and Lelia was amazing. The friendship they built was rich. Definitely perfect.

Overall, this was a good start to the series.

Guild Assassin

Guild Assassin - Berley Kerr Received an ARC copy via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

This is a pretty good new adult steampunk fantasy novel. It was a bit slow paced which is why I gave it 4 stars.

This book follows Wendy Magalena Braca and her new life. At only twelve her mother was murdered, but she somehow was convicted of killing her mother. She was sent to Greenleaf Asylum for Troubled Girls to be forever forgotten. The asylum reminds me of a jail -- little food, living behind bars, treated unfairly. If anything goes wrong anyone can be fired for speaking out or about it. It totally sucked. Thankfully for Wendy she is saved and "taken in" by the guild. They take her in and begin to notice she may be a guild, specifically a Curse Breaker. She was saved from death and trained to work hard with the Validus Assassins, her guild. For her, she has to find her path now -- whether with the guild or "against" them.

I totally enjoyed the action and gruesome scenes. This is a new adult novel so be prepared to read about all the violence, sex and other adult portion of life. The world building was a bit complicated for me to get into at some points simply because it was a bit overly described. Wendy is the epitome of a kickass female protagonist with a dark and dreary past.

I loved the first two paragraphs and how gripping it was from the start and gory.

This is a bit more of a heavy new adult novel so if you're not into dark, gruesome stories, don’t pick this up.

Avery (Random Romance)

Avery (Random Romance) - Charlotte McConaghy I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Right off the back, my first impression of this book was awesome. This book reminded me of the movie Hancock (starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron). The idea of lovers who die together was just perfection. Charlotte McConaghy's writing style was flawless for me. Reading this book was easy and I felt pulled into each conversation and interaction between characters. I enjoyed the idea of different POV's -- I normally don't think I can be pulled off with more than 2 characters, but she did so with perfection. Each transition between characters was simply flawless. I loved it!

Ava was such a strong female lead for me. I instantly fell in love with her even before Avery, her bond-mate died. I love how she pretended to be him even years after he died. It seemed a bit depressing, but it made her stronger in every way possible. Her interaction with Ambrose at first killed me. I mean he was brutal, but I love how she revealed her true self to him and continued to be strong. Also finding out about her being a warder was interesting as well.

Ambrose was definitely a jerk, but I can't blame him because his mother, the Queen, is a psychotic wench. She trained him to be as such, but despite the training he still yearns for more in his life. He doesn't necessarily agree with the violence, but it's imbedded in him

The bond between him and Ava was perfection. I love how it brewed from hate to curiosity to love. Even when Ava pretended to be Avery, Ambrose thought he was in love with a guy and didn't really care to much. When he found out Ava was a girl he felt a stronger pull, but when he asked about the gold eyes -- I was stunned. I mean how is it possible to bond twice in a lifetime?

Thorne was a thorn in my side. I mean he was a complete douche bag to his wife. No matter how deep his love ran for Roselyn he wouldn't allow himself that feeling because just like his brother Ambrose, their mother raised them to be barbaric and evil towards Kayans. He desires to do something different, but his mother won't allow it. I feel like he should man up and just tell the Queen to kiss his rear-end. I mean he is a berserker, what could she do to him?
Between Ambrose and Throne, Ambrose is the one to follow his heart and not care much for him mother's ways. Thorne, however, is the son that hates those ways, but through it all stays loyal to his mother.

Roselyn deserved to be treated much better than Thorne treated her as well as the rest of the people in the castle. I hated the way she acted so feeble. It irked me to see how compared to Ava and the Queen she was weak and soft. However, she had a strong mind. Her way of thinking definitely had me questioning a lot of things myself. I enjoyed Roselyn even though her weakness upset me.

The Queen -- what can I say about this lonely, cold-hearted, evil, disgusting wench. She is the devil herself. I just didn't like her and have nothing left to say.

That ending: was everything! Oh my gosh! I cannot believe the truth of what the Queen was. How Thorne ended up was so sad. I'm glad Roselyn started to stand up for herself towards the end and that she was with child. Ava and Ambrose was just perfection. This ending was life and it wasn't really a cliffhanger, but it felt like such.

Charlotte McConaghy has definitely started off strongly with this series and I'm excited to read Thorne.

Fractured Dream

Fractured Dream - Randall Garrett I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Quick note: because I loved this book I can't be as descriptive and informative in this review as I am with others because I will spoil you all.

This was an outstanding fantasy read! I was gripped from that enticing prologue until the end. The world building was amazing, the characters were intriguing and I just felt all the emotions throughout this book. It was quite long, but felt like a quick 150-200 pages because it was such a fast paced read. I enjoyed the writing style that K. M. Randall gave. It was descriptive and pulled me into each page as if I was a character myself.

Story Sparks was such an amazing character. First off, her name alone is perfect for this novel because Story goes on a journey or quest in Tressla building her own story along the way and interacting with the fairytales we know and love. Absolutely perfect name! She's tied to both worlds and must figure out the truth of her dreams, remember what she has forgotten and save both worlds.

Sidenote: when she dreamt she was really going to another plane or in essence awaking in Tressla -- awesome! I also loved Adam and Elliot because there was more to them as well and they fit perfectly into the world that was created. Nicholas…let's just say I'm totally on his team and fan-girling over him!

I love how the romance doesn't overtake the entire story. You still get that fantasy with equal or limited amount of romance that keeps you wanting more from every character. There was still that main point of magic, adventure and unknowing that keeps this book going smooth and becoming a love. I enjoyed seeing the difference between our world and Tressla, the fantasy world. They may have had their difference in setting and time, but they both affected one another equally.

This is definitely a different take on fairytales and I highly recommend if you're looking for a fantasy with a bit of a kick and intriguing plot twist go grab you a copy and read this book. You won't regret it!

I am totally looking forward to the sequel and this book will be a definite re-read for me!


Conquered - Tyffani Clark Kemp I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Gave this a 4.5 star rating.

I don't know how to describe the feelings I am having about all of this. I mean thank God it's not the conclusion but LeKrista is not gone. I just don't believe that. I think she is the hunter at the end -- just my opinion because I cannot accept her being gone.

LeKrista is such a strong character. She is snarky, powerful and rich in commentary. She always speaks her mind even when she's in danger and I loved it so much. I couldn't really stand Roman. He lost more respect from me because of how he let things go and get out of control. Even more so because he had foreseen the end for LeKrista and did nothing to save her. I think him kidnapping her is why she ended up dead in the first place. I feel bad that Pierce couldn't save her -- it sucks to lose his girlfriend of almost six years who was now his fiance. Unbelievable. Eddy definitely got more points for me because even though he knew what Roman did and agreed it was wrong he tried to make her feel as much "at home" and they built a friendship.

I'm just in awe of how this ended off and I honestly need the next book! ASAP.


Hunted - Tyffani Clark Kemp I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

LeKrista was awesome and kickass once again. She squared off with those vampires and never backed down. Even when her family was in danger. It sucks that her family was dragged into this mess. Especially Dante, her brother -- I felt bad for him. Finding out that her mother wasn't crazy and her bloodline was all so enlightening because now there's a better understanding to her seizures and her visions.

Pierce is still a mystery. I am dying to know what he is and why it has to be secret? I love how territorial he gets towards the other males in the book, but he over does it with the whole Alex thing. That scene in the hotel where he was trying to teach her to keep her shield up…ummm…I literally had to re-read that twice because it confused me like hell. I mean it was a very smart way to teach her, but at the same time I was thinking "damn. Pierce is one sexual paranormal being" lmfao! For him to not want to have sex, he sure did overstep that line a bit.

Roman still pisses me off. His love for LeKrista is overdone and he needs to simply fall back. I hate how he acts, but I love that she learned to block him from her mind. His reaction was pure shock. I think Roman should just be happy with his harem and leave LeKrista alone with Pierce.

All these damn vamps after her is crazy. I mean is solely because she is supposed to be the next ArchMage? I mean even the head ArchMage wants her dead.

This ended on a sick note with Roman kidnapping her. I mean really Roman? Was it seriously that damn necessary?

The Kite Runner: Graphic Novel

The Kite Runner: Graphic Novel - Khaled Hosseini This was an awesome read! I remember reading The Kite Runner in high school, but couldn't remember much about it. I was dreading reading the actual book, so when I found out that there was a graphic novel I had to get it! I got it as an E-Book from my library via Kindle and I was not disappointed.

I'm happy I got this because it refreshed my memory and made reading this book much more enjoyable! Definitely recommend if you need a refresher or don't want to actual read the full book.

I Want It That Way

I Want It That Way - Ann Aguirre Ann Aguirre did an awesome job with this NA Contemporary Romance. This is my third or fourth contemporary new adult read and it was awesome. I gave this a 4 star rating because Ty pissed me off with his ways every now and then and I just felt annoyed.

Nadia was a very intriguing young lady. For a college student she was highly mature and strong willed. I enjoyed learning more about her and how she interacted with her roommates, her job and her neighbor. She kept things interesting and when she felt she spoke to much it just was perfection.

Ty was an awesome guy, but he totally irked me at some points. He was a hard worker and outstanding father to Sam. He truly loved his son and was determined to let no one hurt or harm him in any shape or form. I respected Ty, but when it came to the memories of Diana, his ex, he irked me to death. I understand him feeling bad, but at the same time it was Diana's choice to be miserable and hate life not his. But I love how Nadia helped him let go. It was amazing.

Sam was too damn adorable for me. He was sweet, loving, respectable and just an awesome little kid. His love for Nadia was amazing -- he loved her as a person, as a teacher and as his father girlfriend. It was precious in every single way.

I loved all the other roommates. They were a bit crazy, but very enjoyable to the story.

Ann Aguirre did amazing. Ready to see what the companion brings.

Princess Ugg Volume 1

Princess Ugg Volume 1 - Ted Naifeh This book was enjoyable, but I couldn't really get with the whole dialect of Princess Ugg. Her foreign language confused me from the beginning. The artwork was fabulous and the premise was awesome, I just kept getting annoyed with Princess Ugg. Overall it was an okay read for me.

Orphan Blade

Orphan Blade - M. Nicholas Almand Hadashi is a young boy put in unfortunate situations. With the help of two new friends he's able to deal with life as the seven finger thief.

I loved Dr. Africa, Katze and Soyako. They were very helpful and believed in Hadashi. The five fingers of death crew was insane. I mean they couldn't really die and had sick ways of coming back to lie. Just insane.

The artwork in this graphic novel is impeccable. Absolutely adored it and I hope there is morw to come!


Scorned - Tyffani Clark Kemp Scorned was a magnificent start to the LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted trilogy. Tyffani Clark Kemp did such an amazing job with this YA Paranromal novel. There is a balance of romance, killing and drama which makes it all amazing. I love vampires so this was just an automatic good novel for me.

One my favorite lines from the book is from Pierce: "So, Roman is a vampire pimp daddy man whore?" LMFAO -- just priceless! That basically describes Roman to a T. I couldn't stop laughing when he asked LeKrista that.

LeKrista was definitely an awesome female lead protagonist. She was snarky, bold and confident. She had her moments where she felt weak, but when she snapped out of it she was capable of kicking butt. Her attraction to Roman seems to have to do with him having access to her mind and her powers as a mage. I don't think she is seriously attracted to him as she is with Pierce.

Roman is a mysterious guy to me. I'm still trying to figure out if he loves LeKrista, wants to harm or just wants her for the power she has. It's all so shifty with him. Roman is the kind of guy that's sweet on the eyes, but you'd never want to mess with him because he has so many dark secrets and refuses to tell you the truth. Roman is has no points from me, even though from time to time he has chivalrous moments.

Pierce is such a sweetheart, but finding out that there is more to him paranormally is crazy. The fact that he can't tell her until they are married and have sex is crazy. Through everything LeKrista went through he was always there for her and never stayed upset, even when he knew Roman's intentions to break them up. I love Pierce and he has my vote over Roman! I mean five years with LeKrista has to count for something.

Eddy and his girls being shapeshifters is insane. I honestly didn't see that coming. All the hostility between them and LeKrista makes so much sense now. I hope things hash out even more between them.

Perdita and Lucretious. pissed me off. Lucretious is a jerk. Killing LeKrista to get to his maker, Roman, made no sense. I know Roman disposed of his first love Vivian, but it seems like he was doing the same. He should have just left LeKrista alone. All his advances to try and kill her never succeeded. He did get a few good injuries in, but ultimately he failed and cost his own life. Perdita is a straight queen bee. I understand she lost her lover, but killing others to turn them and trying to kill LeKrista was just a fail just like her lover.

Excited for Hunted and to see if LeKrista agrees to the marriage proposal, if Pierce reveals what he is and how things go with Roman.

Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy) (Volume 2)

Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy) (Volume 2) - Laura Howard I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Stone of Destiny was fabulous. I couldn't give it a full 5 stars because I need a bit more drama, but overall I was still impressed.

Allison is still a determined young lady. In this book she is more open to trusting Liam and is still working hard to help her mother be reunited with him without a curse. Allison has her moments where she afraid, but she never lets it overtake her mind and her "mission" -- she is definitely a strong female character.

Ethan is such a sweetheart! I love him and his relationship with Allison. They are such a perfect couple. He made sure to stay with Allison the whole time through her ordeal with the Dannans. His secret crush he had on her was super adorable. Ethan is definitely a hottie in my eyes.

Liam is such an amazing father. Even though he didn't know about his daughters he made an effort to get to know them and become the father he couldn't be at the time of their childhood. He definitely a respectable man and has kudos from me!

Samantha, the long lost secret daughter of Liam and Aoife, seemed fishy at first to me. I thought she was there to help her mother, but the more I read on I began to like her. She only wanted to meet her blood family and make amends with them. What she did towards the end to help Allison and Liam was very awesome.

Aoife is a crazy lady! I mean what woman gives up her child because she doesn't want the baby to steal the attention from her lover? I purely hate Aoife, but she played the deranged, jealous woman to a T.

Saoirse is freaking horrible! How could she help her daughter knowing what her daughter did is wrong. I kind of understand from the parent POV, but at the same time, whether she has emotions or not, she should have reprimanded her daughter. Not help her escape and destroy humans. Such foolishness. Even though she still helps Allison I just think she should have never helped Aoife, but simply keep her in that damn Fey globe.

I definitely need to know what happens next. Is Liam died? Where is Samantha? Does Aoife do the binding? Does Allison go back? Does Aodhan agree to be with Niamh? Just so many unanswered questions!


Lust - Diana Raab Received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Lust is pretty good adult poetry book. I gave this a 4 star rating. I enjoyed the idea of the book not only being based on sex, but the emotions and feelings of different sexual relations and interactions between strangers and couples. Some of the poems left me a bit stumped wondering what they meant, while others kept me intrigued and interested.

I loved how the Diana used the words to really get me interested. She didn't use basic words you'd find in a sexual poem, but rather used a lot of descriptive phrases to keep a reader hooked. This explores all types of relationships in various stages, situations and age groups. It definitely had a few that I could relate to within my own relationship.

Looking forward to reading her other books because this was a work of art for me.