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Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel (Graphic Novel) - HyeKyung Baek, Cassandra Clare This was freaking amazing! I need to get on the wagon and read the series!

Aerenden: The Zeiihbu Master

Aerenden: The Zeiihbu Master - Kristen Taber I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

This was awesome. Action packed, plot twists, excitement and the whole nine yards. This was very enjoyable and I simply just had to give it a 5 star rating.

Kristen Taber can do no wrong! She has created such an outstanding masterpiece with this series that it keeps me wanting more of all characters.

I must say I am very proud of the villages. They learned to battle and did what they could with their skills which was impressive. Nick definitely did a great job ensuring that they learned all they could. He keep a positive mindset and allowed himself to uplift each and every person.

I enjoyed learning about Elana, Ed's sister from the tribe. She definitely reminded me of Ed with her strong will. She definitely respected her brother at all ends. I thought Everel was pretty harsh in his reaction to Elana, but I guess that's how he is when it comes to the tribe versus Aerenden.

Learning Cal true intentions on this misson pissed me off and that he had his brother-in-law with him as well upset me. How could he not tell Meaghan, but then say she is the closest thing to niece he has?! That's backwards.

Cadie is a very strong young man. He fought back as much as he could and endured the pain that Stilgan and his Mardrochs did. I love the fact that his people tried to help him no matter of him having a power that they see as horrible.

That ending was completely insane but the action was awesome. Meaghan definitely stood her ground against Stilgan. She definitely got stronger and wiser with combat. Cal no longer seems to be a mysterious guy to me. I feel his intentions. What he did to save Meaghan was perfect!

I need to know what happens next! If Cal is alive like Vivian predicted is Meaghan alive as well. This is what I call a delicious read!

Aerenden: The Gildonae Alliance

Aerenden: The Gildonae Alliance   - Kristen Taber I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

**Beware -- mild spoilers are given. Read book 1 first!**

Completely outstanding! This sequel was awesome. Although I did give it a 4.5 stars as well simply because I was waiting on seeing more of Goran and once more he was not in this book, only mentioned.

Meaghan has definitely grown a lot as a Queen and as a fighter. She tries to help everyone if she possibly can no matter how dangerous it is. She worked hard and learned to control her powers and how to fight in combat well. I was highly impressed with her when she battled those Mardrochs. She did awesome and definitely became an awesome kickass character for me. I've learned that she is much more stubborn then ever. She is definitely a mixture of her parents. Her near death experiences totally shocked me, but what made it interesting is that no matter how close to death she was she kept on wanting to fight and save the people of Aerenden which is a great quality for a Queen I believe. She is strong willed and determined to right the wrongs of Goran.

I love how this book included more info on her parents as far as how they became wed and how they fell in love and dealt with the Kingdom. It allowed me to understand Meaghan a lot more and how her relationship with Nick is.

Nick definitely takes the role as husband seriously. It's even more serious because he is Meaghan's Guardian and the King -- that packs a lot of punch for one person. Even though seemed overwhelmed and try to push himself and Meaghan too much, I think he managed everything well. He was a great teacher when it came to training Meaghan, however, for the first half of the book I wanted to strangle him. He totally blocked his emotions and acted like a statute towards Meaghan showing no emotion, but thankfully he fixed it quickly.

Cal is still mysterious to me. I still feel like he will betray Meaghan and Nick somehow I'm just not as sure. This book really showed his emotional side and made me like him more as a person. He seemed to have a lot of love for Nick and also his wife. I'm happy for him as far as him becoming a father…that should definitely loosen him up a bit. Even though I like Cal as a character, I can't shake the feeling that he is up to something that will be the demise of Meaghan.

Faillen's decision killed me to pieces. The fact that he made the decision and knew what lied before him upset me. What Goran did to his family just pissed me off. It sucks what happens with Cadie, Faillen's oldest son. Thankfully Aldin, the youngest son, is safe from Goran's evil plan. I just feel bad for his wife. Goran is an evil dog. Even though Aldin is about five or six (I believe) I hope he learns so much that he can help Meaghan and Nick as their Spellmaster against Goran and save his brother.

These traitors in the villages are totally pissing me off. I can't believe how easy they are to join Goran. And the extent Goran goes as to killing all these people, but not once showing himself makes him a coward in my book. A cowardice "King" -- he needs to be knocked down and beheaded. I'm just saying.

That ending simply broke me once again. I can't believe it happened like that. Poor Nick…I hope she returns safely to him and not like the prophecy states.

I definitely can't wait to see what happens for everyone.

Aerenden: The Child Returns

Aerenden: The Child Returns  - Kristen Taber I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

*Beware! Few spoilers may be given in a mild dose*

Kristen Taber has created a fabulous take on the idea of a lost princess returning home. The world building in this book absolutely fantastic. I felt consumed by the world and every turn of the page I imagined each aspect: the dranyx, the creepers, the blue birds, the phantmouse and so forth. Just outstanding world building. The characters were even awesome as well. This was a predictable, but not predictable story. Even though I did enjoy it a lot, I couldn't thoroughly give it a 5 stars. I gave it a 4.5 star rating simply because some parts of the story bored me with all the details and walking they did. As crucial as it was for the story I did have my moments of wanting to skip through the pages.

Meaghan was a fearless young lady. She had her moments where she was frightened and scared, but who wouldn't. I mean not only did she see her parents die and see these strange red eyed men (Mardroch), but she finds out those were not her parents, who her parents really are, who she is and that she's from a totally different planet. Considering everything, she definitely handled herself very well. Even though she couldn't control her power she still rose to the occasion to be a ruler.

Nick is flipping awesome. Battling his feelings for Meaghan while trying to save his Kingdom is a hard thing to do, but seeing how he handled everything made him strong. He definitely had his weak points where he fought his feelings and doubted his future as Meaghan's Guardian, but he stayed true and in the end gained two amazing things. What happened to Nick when he was younger killed me. Seeing what happened to that man and knowing who that man was -- purely unforgivable of Goran to do it.

The connection that transpired between Nick and Meaghan was outstanding. I never would have thought it would happen. I mean how it happened and why it happened was crazy and the fact that Vivian knew and prophesied it was more of a shocker.

What Vivian and James did for Meaghan was outstanding. Knowing they would die and still staying on Earth for her and protecting her was pure love. What Vivian knew would happen for Meaghan was totally heartwarming and truly a motherly thing.

I don't know if it's just me, but Cal seems like a very suspicious man. I understand that he's a guide, but he knows to much about Aldin and Meaghan to be trusted. I feel like he's working for Goran. I'm making assumptions, but he's too set on keeping her alive and helping Aldin for some strange reason. He's just a very strange man to me.

The young boy, Aldin, has such an amazing power and to find out his brother Caide has the same power -- both Spellmasters is incredible. Hopefully they work together with Meaghan to defeat Goran and his Mardroch army.

Angus…just his name alone sounds disgusting. How could he do what he did?! Why betray your people? I wish he would have died. And this King Goran just brings death every where he goes. Maybe he should die too. Just saying. I hope to see more of him in the next book.

Even though this is not a really gruesome book, when it did come to those moments of death and fighting the blood and gory details were there. It made me flinch and even want to close my eyes as I read on because it was just a bit intense and realistic. It sounds nasty, but it was a perfect asset to keep a reader, like myself, wanting more and on my toes.

This was a fantastic start to a YA Fantasy series. I'm totally engrossed and excited to see what happens next for Nick and Meaghan.

Shadow Kiss: A Graphic Novel (Vampire Academy)

Shadow Kiss: A Graphic Novel (Vampire Academy) - Richelle Mead OMG. I definitely need to read Shadow Kiss now.

I can't believe it! Not Dimitri. And Adrian is bold at the end.

Omg I need to finish this series in both novel and graphic novel format.

It's sooooo good!

My Tethered Soul

My Tethered Soul - Dorothy Dreyer This was such an awesome sequel. This follows up excellently to My Sister's Reaper.

Zadie is now seventeen years old which means that her protection spell from Lilura is no longer capable of working. She is now open to the Reaper's Rite. Her sister Mara lost her magic in book 1, but it mysteriously returns. Zadie must now fight two Reapers: her mom's and her sister's. In the mist of this battle people get hurt, lives are lost but in the end the battle is won.

I totally enjoyed Zadie once again. She fought all the way through. Even when the Reaper materialized and controlled her. She never backed down. No matter how hard the Reaper tried he simply couldn't keep control. That's strength.

Mara thankfully learned her lesson and only used her powers to stay alive. She trained her, researched and helped Zadie the same way she helped her (read My Sister's Reaper). Mara is a true sister.

Chase is great. I learned so much more about him in this book. The things he endured in how he must wear a trench coat and then his battle with the Reapers was so brave. He is a true brave young man.

Hunter is a new character that proved to be useful. He's Chase's older brother and he helps protect Vilas. For me he was pure comic relief.

Lilura...I can only say I respect her so much morw for what she sacrificed and how she was their for the girls from the time they were younger. She is such a cranky old woman with a very humorous tone to the things she says. Lilura was more of a mother figure for the girls while their mom was "away" and she did an awesome job.

Gavin is brave. From learning about his real parents to getting hurt he definitely stayed close to Zadie at all times. He never gave up on her or left her side.

Naomi is still a true friend. After learning she could die and then almost dying she never wanted to leave Zadie's side. She was a true friend that loved her to the end. Even though she had no magical bloodline she did all she could to help, support and protect Zadie.

The witches and the medium were a great addition to the novel and kept me laughing but what happened to Helene, Erina and Lilura just tore me up. I couldn't believe how fast it all happened.

In the end this was a great sequel. Especially when their mom came home. Priceless.

My Sister's Reaper

My Sister's Reaper - Dorothy Dreyer This was a very interesting take on the Grim Reaper. A sort of dark and twisted version without the gruesome Details. Sixteen year old Zadie unknowingly bought her sister Mara back to life from a coma. When Mara returns she is different. Someone is out to get her soul and Zadie must learn how to save her sister. In this mist of learning to save her sister she learns about her heritage, her mom and gets training.

This was a very interesting book for me because I don't read much about grim reapers. Zadie is an awesome character. Even though she had a moment where she wanted to give up and did she came to her senses quickly. Even though she was sixteen she carried herself well. She learned fast and definitely made sure she could protect herself and her sister.

Mara was a bit creepy until the end. I think her using her powers was wrong, but having a Reaper after her was crazy. Mara definitely was insecure about her life which is why she probably used her powers for self gain. Hopefully she learns her lesson.

Lilura is freaking hilarious. She seemed like a creepy, cranky old woman but as the story goes on she is a very hilarious and helpful woman. I totally loved her from the beginning to end.

Gavin was an awesome asset to this story! Him being a cation for Zadie is awesome. Add the romance and that makes a perfect couple for the two.

Chase is a mysterious guy. He definitely has some emotions going on and working with Lilura made him a definite badass to me. Chase was awesome and very helpful to Zadie.

Naomi is a great bestfriend. More novels need bestfriends like her. Understanding through everything and there in the end. Naomi is also hilarious when it comes to boys. Definitely enjoyed her!

I will add that this hidden love triangle between Chase, Zadie and Gavin is quiet interesting. Will Chase ever admit his feelings for Zadie?

All these characters were well loved including the high school snobs. This was a pretty good start and very enjoyable read.

Tortured Souls (The Orion Circle Book 1)

Tortured Souls (The Orion Circle Book 1) - Kimber Leigh Wheaton **I received this book from the.author in exchange of an honest review.

This was yet another great read from Kimber Leigh Wheaton. I normally don't compare books, but this definitely reminded me of The Diviners by Libba Bray with more romance in it. Absolutely fabulous!

This is the story of young Kacie who has been seeing spirits all her life. Her mother left her family and her father blamed her. She had to deal with the hurt and pretend spirits were not around. During a dance at school and evil spirit approaches her and she is saved by Logan, her crush. She learns that she is not the only one with a paranormal ability and is instantly introduced to the Orion Circle.

Kacie has been having visions and nightmares about thirteen children and a phantom ghost. Through the Orion Circle she learns that the the thirteen ghost were trapped by Yardley in hopes of him being immortal.

I love how strong Kacie was from start to finish. No matter how frightened she was she never stopped her search for the kids and she constantly fought against Yardley. I hated how she grew up. I cried reading about how her mother left and treated her. She didn't deserve that.

Logan was a great charater. I will say I didn't like the idea of the instalove, but it went well with the story. Logan definitely was a strong asset to this story especially considering the visions her mom had.

Kacie's mom simply annoyed. I'm not going to elaborate because it will spoil the story but I totally hated her. Her dad upsetted me too but thankfully he started to believe her and apologize.

The Orion Circle was amazing help for Kacie. With their help she was able to learn how to control her ability, turn it on or off and even use it to help people cross. The Orion Circle has kudos in my book!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait for book 2!

Crystal Magic (Clearwater Witches #1)

Crystal Magic (Clearwater Witches #1) - Madeline Freeman **I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.**

Crystal Magic was a very great read. Better than I assumed it would be. This is a young adult paranormal novel about witches. This follows Kristyl as she moves in with her aunt Jodi after a tragic misfortune. She believes moving in with her aunt Jodi to Clearwater will allow her to have a fresh start, but mysterious things begin to happen and she soon finds out that she among others in the town are witches.

At first Kristyl's main focus is to learn to control her power to avoid the outbursts with her power, however she meets Crystal and a bunch of others who call themselves the circle. The circle wants to use Kristyl and she declines them until something happens that she quickly changes her mind.

The characters in this book were interesting nonethless. Kristyl definitely had anger issues and it made more interesting because she was a witch. I enjoyed aunt Jodi; she was quirky. Owen seemed like a sweet guy and learning that he too was the same was much more interesting.

I did not like Fox and Crystal. Crystal just seemed to obsessed with the idea of power and magic. Fox just used his power to get attention from females which makes him douchebag.

The part with Mrs. Cole freaked me out. I'm assuming Crystal caused her demise because she was the last person to be seen with Mrs. Cole. Same thing with aunt Jodi when she got cursed. I may be wrong but I believe it was Crystal.

The ending has a small cliffhanger. I mean altering the past must have some consequences!

I enjoyed this book even though it was a bit of a drag at times. However it was still a fast paced and quick read.

I'm interested to see what happens next.

Storms of Lazarus

Storms of Lazarus - Karen Kincy OMG I'm not sure if this is the ending of this series, but if it is it definitely was perfect! Ardis and Wendel are just absolutely amazing and are definitely a top OTP for me. This sequel is a perfect conclusion to Shadows of Asphodel and Karen Kincy is simply brilliant for it!

The sequel follows Ardis and Wendel after Wendel's "date with death." They get caught by police officers due to the Archmage trying to find them both. The Archmages enlist Wendel as an "employee" to help with Project Lazarus to fight against the Russian in war. In this sequel we are immediately introduced to new creatures -- vampires, which I love. The vampires are only seen at the beginning and towards the end, but their presence alone just makes me happy.

Majority of Storms of Lazarus takes place in Prussia where Wendel was born. The war has started and battle takes place. Ardis becomes a pilot for an automaton and befriends the one person she couldn't stand in Shadows of Asphodel. I love how strong and determined Ardis is to keep things going no matter what the situation looks like. That dream she had was insane. Was it really an omen?

I learn to love Wendel more because despite his overall "macho man" demeanor towards everyone, he has a soft spot for his younger brother which shows that he is not at all a bad necromancer. No matter how his family saw him he never gave up on his brother and continued to protect his family when danger was near. Okay one thing that bugs me out -- Wendel is bisexual! However, I love that the details are more so on his relationship with Ardis and not the other two men he had "affairs" with.

Finding out what lies ahead for Ardis and Wendel had me a bit concerned because of their lifestyle, but that ending just warmed my heart completely. I was definitely all smiles for them.

Can I just say: that strip poker -- had me on all toes laughing and those sex scenes were a bit outrageous but went extremely well for the book.

Karen Kincy did an amazing job with this conclusion and I can definitely see why it's dieselpunk instead of steampunk!

Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1)

Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1) - Karen Kincy **I received this book in exchange of an honest review.**

Simply amazing!

Review coming soon!Shadows of Asphodel is a miraculous new adult dieselpunk novel! I was completely shocked by how this book went. Karen Kincy created such amazing characters that never faltered or left me bored. I was intrigued with every character from beginning to end. Karen knew exactly how much drama, twists, sex and romance to add so that it not only balanced out, but kept the reader wanting more every turn of the page.

This novel, although told from one POV, follows two seemingly different characters: Ardis and Wendel.

Ardis is mercenary working for the archmages. She's an American girl that ran away from home due to an incident that took place. As a mercenary she kills and does other tasks that the archmage pay her for. During one mission she finds a young man bleeding and dying. This young man is more than the eye can see with his secrets. When he reveals his secret at a failed attempt to kill Ardis she wants to take him for ransom. As the story progresses she learns more about the young man and her disgust turns into something more.

Wendel is a young necromancer with a past that could kill the basic human. His lineage is grand, but due to his curse he is disinherited and alone. He works for the Order -- or at least he did. His only thought is revenge. He sets out on a journey to kill the Order, but along the way he falls in love with a young lady that saved his life on multiple accounts. In her he finds true love, but also finds something else that could change their relationship.

The romance between Ardis and Wendel was steamy, but not over the top. I love how perverted Wendel was when Ardis tried to be serious. I love how Ardis was first disgusted by him, but grew to love him. The way Wendel opened up was so sweet and made everything so bittersweet.

That plot twist with the Grandmaster was insane! Finding out who he was and what he did was beyond crazy. It definitely had me on my toes.

That ending with Wendel and discovering the secret to the necromancers death was unbelievably mind blowing!

My final words: complete and utter perfection!

Excited to see what happens next for Wendel and Ardis in Storms of Lazarus!

Dreaming of the Sea

Dreaming of the Sea - Heidi Garrett **I received this book in exchange of an honest review.**

Gave this a 4.5 stars.

Dreaming of the Sea was absolutely amazing. Even though it dragged a bit for me, I totally enjoyed every part of the story. The story follows Gia Chanel, formerly known as Gertrude, and her life as an apprentice to a Sea Witch and her life as the new Sea Witch. She never really liked living in ocean. She was always curious to find land and explore. One day she gets the opportunity to and she loves it, but as she gets older the devil visits her and reminds her that she needs to find an apprentice or her soul will not rest, but suffer in hell for all the wrong she has done. She uses Cole to help her find an apprentice.

Cole is a the third prince of the mer people. He is bound to Gia due to an "agreement" (can't say because it will spoil everything). He seemed to be very sweet and as the story goes on I learned to truly love him. Even though he has a bit of bitterness towards Gia (for reasons acceptable) he always cared for her.

Miriam is a sweet, orphan girl that answers the ad for the job. She never knew what she was stepping into even though Cole tried his hardest to warn her. Despite the warnings and her curiosity she accepted the job. Cole falls for her and she falls for him and their love definitely prevails all. When Gia dies, Miriam becomes the new Sea Witch, but because of her upbringing the devil simply can't have her.

In the end, Miriam becomes well respected, her love for Cole breaks all boundaries and it all ends so perfectly. I wouldn't really call this a retelling of the Little Mermaid, but more so an extension as to the Sea Witch and how she came to be.

Great novella!

Beautiful Beautiful

Beautiful Beautiful - Heidi Garrett **I received this book in exchange of an honest review.**

I absolutely loved this novella! It was sweet with a huge plot twisted piled on top of another. Absolutely insane. I love the story of Kerrin and how she fell in love. She would tell her daughter the story of her love life in fairy tale like state. It was completely romantic. Kerrin's daughter Mirabella was too adorable in how she interacted with the story her mother was telling her. Just the interaction in general between Kerrin and Mirabella is the epitome of mother and daughter relationship.

I thought Anthony Zorr was such a hunk. He seemed genuinely attracted to Kerrin, but when the truth came out about his past things just started to spiral downwards. Marni seemed strange and the truth of her just made the creepiness double over.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this story and the symbolism behind it! Great job on this one Heidi!

The Girl Who Believed in Fairy Tales

The Girl Who Believed in Fairy Tales - Heidi Garrett **I received this book in exchange of an honest review.**

My rating for this book is 3 stars. This is a bind up of 3 novellas called The Girl Who Watched for Elves, The Girl Who Dreamed of Red Shoes and The Girl Who Couldn't Sing. These are all about one character named Heather Baker and her journey through life, love and relationships in some aspect.

The only story I thoroughly enjoyed was The Girl Who Watched for Elves. I absolutely loved the way Heather was making symbolism out of what the reader was sharing based on the tarot cards. I love the explanation of her life as a child. It was heart wrenching to read how she grew up and how her family was torn apart. I was a bit choked up. However, the ending was sweet and pure and such a great "he swept me off my feet" love. This had a bit of the Shoemaker and Elves fairytale tied in to it.

The Girl Who Dreamed of Red Shoes was okay. I just felt like Heather complained too much about her life and how big she was in comparison to other people. She disliked her job, she disliked her co-worker who she called a witch and she complained about her eating habit yet she had binge nights where she'd just eat. The whole idea of the red shoe was interesting. She thought the red shoe had something to do with her life. Even though she found a pair of red shoes the real red shoe was on someone who she was supposed to meet. The ending was sweet.

The Girl Who Couldn't Sing I just could not get through. It bored me for some odd reason that I honestly cannot explain. I love the ending with her boyfriend or husband and her cute laugh, but overall I lost patients with this novella and just got too tired to care about it.

Despite my dislike for the last two novellas this was still a pretty good bind up! And the connection to the various fairytales was intriguing.

Bound by Duty

Bound by Duty - Stormy Smith This book was completely outstanding. It started off slow and at about 45% in I was ready to just give up on it, but boy did this book pick up and shock me in so many ways. First off I'm just going to say that damn cliffhanger. Like why do these amazing stories have such painful, gripping cliffhangers?! I need more!

This story follows Amelia who lives her life in a pile of lies. She's just started community college to live a normal life as she live in an Immortal world as an Elder. She is the last of her kind and she doesn't understand how to control her powers. She has lived her life listening to her father and brother and putting everyone else before her. It's not until her brother Cole, also an Elder (just not as powerful. Men were not powerful, the women were) takes her on a journey to meet her Uncle Derreck, an uncle who Cole kept a secret. When she meets her uncle she learns that only is she an Elder, but she is the Keeper. She holds the power of all five families of Elder making her extremely powerful and the only one that can kill the evil Queen Julia. She also learns that her father is not crazy, he was in essence a spy for the Queen thanks to Hunter Rhi (can't go into detail because it will be all spoilers). To throw all that in, she was also betrothed to the Prince from birth.

Bethany is a spitfire! She is sassy, sweet, loving, caring and absolutely the perfect best friend for Amelia. Her heart makes her the perfect person. Even when she was thrown into the world of Immortals and learned about Micah (towards the end) she was cool and down-to-Earth. Awesome best friend!

Micah was an awesome guy until the truth of his identity is discovered. First off, I think Amelia should have listened to her gut instinct about Micah from the start. However, Micah was an awesome boyfriend to Bethany and a cool "mentor" to Amelia. He helped her control her powers and taught her new things. I loved how hard he tried to help her. When the truth of his identity if discovered, thanks to the AniMages, is revealed it throws a true spin on everything. To be Prince Mikail and betray the trust of Cole, Amelia and Aidan is just crazy.

Aidan was such an awesome guy. He was bold and caring. His upbringing totally bought me to tears and the ending when he begged Amelia to pick him for her to be the first one to pick him just tore my heart to pieces. I loved that he found out he wasn't completely human and confided in her. I believe he is Amelia's mate that will help her unlock her powers. It's already been proven when she went up against the red headed woman.

Queen Julia …what can I say about this wretched woman. She is beyond evil. Killing Elders, exiling the AniMages, killing innocent people all to avoid the prophecy…she seriously has issues. I hope Amelia kicks her butt in the next book. Queen Julia is the epitome of jealous sore loser.

I am quite captivated by this series and can't wait to see what happens next for Amelia and the path she truly decides on.


Seeress - Ednah Walters **A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

Did this seriously just happen. Ednah Walters is a freaking genius! The feels are there and I'm just in awe at the moment. Please give me a minute to collect my thoughts and emotions.

*20 mins later*

I cannot believe how this ended off. I am totally in love with this conclusion. I love the plot twist at the end. So unbelievable the way these characters were double spies.

First off, Raine is still as fierce as she wants to be. I love that she comes into her powers more in this book and learns to control them and use them without overstepping the boundaries. Being that she's a seeress she is more powerful than the gods, goddesses, norns, immortals and Valkyries. Raine never backed down from anyone throughout this book…not Torin or the norns. She stood up for herself and I love how she grew into her new self.

Torin is still such a hunk. I loved that I got to see more of his emotional or "sensitive" in this book when details about his mother and father was given. It showed that he had compassion for others and not just whipped for Raine. It made me love and appreciate him way more as a character.

Andris is much more lovable in this book even though he can still be snarky. Cora is still badass and knows how to use her gift much better. Echo wasn't around much but after that double date he is so romantic. The new characters Femi, Gina and Rita were quite interesting to say the least.

Eirik sort of pissed me off majority of the time he was in the book. Just how he came back to school and what he did to Mr and Mrs Cooper just disgusted me. However, he saved face and remains a loved character for me. The Earl, Torin's father, is the king of all douchebags. I don't get why he had to exist. Granted learning the true identity of his father and what he did to his mother made the book more intense I just wanted him dead.

The way everything went down when Eirik arrived totally made me mad. I was ready to drop the book, but then finding out Blaine, Femi and the witches betrayed her was even more revolting. However, that plot twist -- man oh man. I just can't believe how it all went down.

Overall, Seeress was the most amazing conclusion ever and I am beyond happy with how the trilogy ended!