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Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking - Ruth  Silver Received this book in exchange of an honest review form the author.

Dead Girl Walking is a story about a Princess named Ophelia who sneaks out to see her forbidden boyfriend. She is already arranged to be married, but on the night she goes to see her boyfriend she is killed by a mysterious guy and saved by Edon, a grim reaper. He gives her the option to either let her soul move on or get a second chance at life as a grim reapers under a new identity -- she accepts.

When she accepts, she becomes Lelia and gets a new body to live in with different features. At first she disobeys the rules and doesn't reap souls and visits home, but eventually she learns that every choice has a consequence and things need to happen in an orderly manor. Lelia was definitely an interesting young lady. She was afraid at certain points and very bold. I love her indecisiveness, sometimes I normally despise that, but Ruth Silver made it work for Lelia's character.

Mara, Princess Ophelia's baby sister, was a sweet, confident young lady. She respected her role as the princess, but when her sister died she started to question a lot of things and loved it. Edon reminded me of a warden. He was strict, kept conversation short and to the point and may be the head reaper. Wynter was such a handsome character for me. I enjoyed him from start to finish. He was caring and mysterious. The secret romance between him and Lelia was amazing. The friendship they built was rich. Definitely perfect.

Overall, this was a good start to the series.