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The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones - Laura   Howard Received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Forgotten Ones was an okay read for me. It was a bit slow pace for me and none of the "action" took place until the last few chapters which gives me hope for the sequel, Stone of Destiny.

Quick Note: Danaans are fairies

The book follows Allison as she sets off to rescue her mom, Elizabeth, from the hands of two evil Danaans. Prior to her mother needing to be rescued she meets her long lost father who tells her the truth of her heritage and hint's about her mother's state.

I enjoyed this book because Allison was a very strong minded character. She wanted to help rescue her mother at all costs no matter where they took her mother. The way she handled meeting her father and finding out the truth of their relationship was very mature because most characters would become angry and full of hate. She however did not. She took great care of her mother and made sure she was taken very good care of.

The love interest, Ethan, was just a sweet bystander. He was simply dragged into the world of the Dannan because of the feelings he and Allison have for one another. I think Allison should have never pushed him away. Yes her life does sound crazy, but I think it would have at least prepared him for everything.

Who is this Samantha character? Is that Liam's other daughter? Does Allison really have a full blown fairy sister in the world?

I love the richness of the Irish background and heritage especially since I'm part Irish myself it was very intriguing to read. I loved the humor that did arise in the book when it came to Allison speaking to the royal King and Queen of the Dannans.

The storyline was simply great, but I couldn't give it a 4 star rating simply because of the pacing of this book. However, I am excited to see what goes on in Stone of Destiny!