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Sulan, Episode 1: The League

Sulan, Episode 1: The League - Camille Picott I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sulan is a very interesting YA Dystopian/ Cyberpunk novel. This is a medium paced book. I enjoyed the action and cyber aspect and I loved Sulan so I gave this book a 4.5 star rating.

Sulan Hom lives in a new world where America has failed its citizens, Global takes over and has Anti-American League killing students, workers and more. Sulan has witnessed the killing of a college student and wants to learn to protect herself. Her mother, who's a merc, does not agree to train her because Sulan attends VEX (Virtual Experience -- a virtual high school). Sulan can't take not knowing how to defend herself so she takes it upon herself to enter the Meat Grinder and become a Cube member. This is where the story takes off.

Sulan is accepted by a teammate by Gun (Gunther) because she is very strategic and they're both minors. Gunther finds out the reason for Sulan being in the Cube and agrees to help train her. Sulan is a very strong willed young lady to be only 16, but considering the world she lives in it should be a give. Gunther is more of the rich kid looking for fun. I love Hank, Sulan's bestfriend. She is hilarious, nerdy and boy crazy. She had me laughing when she complained about her GPA. She is just too much for me.

The world was impeccable and the characters were outstanding. For a new genre I was highly impressed by this novel.

Excited what happens next.