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Sprung (The Witchbound Series #2)

Sprung (The Witchbound Series #2) - Kelbian Noel I was sent a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

**Moderate spoilers.**

Sprung is a great companion sequel to Roots. Started off giving this a 4.5 star rating, but I just had to bump it to 5 stars. Simply profound!

This follows an Elemental witch named Skye Jackson, her element is air, which I think is very cool. Skye is a very spunky and curious character. I like how she spent time learning from and talking to her grandmother about magic. I love that her father was aware of magic, but avoided it all cost. Definitely makes one of the parents aware of what goes on magical wise. I love how protective she is as well. Especially when it came to Claire, her best-friend. I hate what the hex did, but than again magic is unpredictable when it's not specific. However, Skye found a way to make things better.

Both her parents are awesome. But what her dad did to her Nana was insane. Like beyond insane. Still respect him though. Okay so Seth has gone crazy, but I guess after a hex and being revived with magic that can do it!

Dale! OMG -- I can't believe it … I never expected such a thing from him. Maybe a cheater, but not that. But then again this series does make you second guess these characters a lot. The way he just moved right in and smoothed everything out with Skye and her mom was insane. Who the heck is Greta?! And Siobhan … OMG just as treacherous as Dale. I can't believe the people Skye trusts either lied to her or are out to harm her. Ruthless! Do they all work for Joslin?

The dreams Skye have been having about her "sister" is simply amazing. I finally understand how each witch can sense when one another is in danger and it's absolutely amazing.

I love how the story connects the characters from Roots to this one. Ramon was a great character in Roots, so I'm glad to see he's back for another go in Sprung. Finding out who Ramon is to both Baltimore (main character in Roots), Skye and the others makes so much more sense to me! But why are these girls always freaking kissing him?! Is it because of the bond or pull they have with him…it's all just too much!

I love how Nate and Baltimore arrive just at the end of the book and how both Baltimore and Skye have a dream about one of their sisters.

I'm excited to read Smolder and find out which Elemental witch it's about.

On a quick note: Poor Eugene. I really hoped he was still alive…I truly hate this Joslin witch.