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Roots - Kelbian Noel I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

This was an absolutely fabulous story from page one to the end. Gave this a 4.5 star rating. Kelbian Noel creates such a riveting story of a girl finding out who she is and becoming her true self while trying to wrap her head around magic and save her twin brothers life. An extraordinary tale of family, love and magic. Breathtakingly amazing.

Baltimore seemed like a lost girl to me. She didn't know who she really was only that her parents were witches and she was sort of the town freak. She didn't believe in magic, but when she was thrusted into the realm of magic she quickly tried to dismiss it. I like how when she did begin to understand that magic was very real and who she was and what power she had to began to stick it out and become a very bold young lady. I like how she questioned things without being too annoying.

Brooklyn was just a sad guy. He is Baltimore's twin brother under the spell of an evil witch. What he does to his sister really throws me for a loop. I mean could he really be that angry and jealous to have done that? He was a horrible brother to her and even though Baltimore tried to give him love and save him he always went back to his evil witch. Ruthless in my opinion.

Joslin was just an angry, unloved, pitful old hag. She should have gotten on with her life after 200+ years of living. To harbor that much anger and try to gain power again only brings her own demise so I'm not sure why she did not see that. She was just an idiot. However, I did enjoy her sassy attitude and how well she played the loving girlfriend at the beginning of the story.

Their families background was interesting to learn about. Seeing that their powers are inheritated yet skip a generation is amazing. I love how Baltimore and Brooklyn received their powers. It was absolutely cool to learn about their connection to their grandparents.

I did enjoy Nate, Ramon and Tarik. I loved the "competition" between Nate and Ramon for Baltimore and how Baltimore was sort of oblivious to it all. It was just cute.

That ending tore my heart with the sacrifice, who it had to be and what it all meant. The way the two men in her life disappeared was heartbreaking, but the one who returned was even more interesting. It proves how powerful Baltimore really was an Elemental.

Overall, I'm excited to see what happens next in the companion novel, Sprung.