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My Sister's Reaper

My Sister's Reaper - Dorothy Dreyer This was a very interesting take on the Grim Reaper. A sort of dark and twisted version without the gruesome Details. Sixteen year old Zadie unknowingly bought her sister Mara back to life from a coma. When Mara returns she is different. Someone is out to get her soul and Zadie must learn how to save her sister. In this mist of learning to save her sister she learns about her heritage, her mom and gets training.

This was a very interesting book for me because I don't read much about grim reapers. Zadie is an awesome character. Even though she had a moment where she wanted to give up and did she came to her senses quickly. Even though she was sixteen she carried herself well. She learned fast and definitely made sure she could protect herself and her sister.

Mara was a bit creepy until the end. I think her using her powers was wrong, but having a Reaper after her was crazy. Mara definitely was insecure about her life which is why she probably used her powers for self gain. Hopefully she learns her lesson.

Lilura is freaking hilarious. She seemed like a creepy, cranky old woman but as the story goes on she is a very hilarious and helpful woman. I totally loved her from the beginning to end.

Gavin was an awesome asset to this story! Him being a cation for Zadie is awesome. Add the romance and that makes a perfect couple for the two.

Chase is a mysterious guy. He definitely has some emotions going on and working with Lilura made him a definite badass to me. Chase was awesome and very helpful to Zadie.

Naomi is a great bestfriend. More novels need bestfriends like her. Understanding through everything and there in the end. Naomi is also hilarious when it comes to boys. Definitely enjoyed her!

I will add that this hidden love triangle between Chase, Zadie and Gavin is quiet interesting. Will Chase ever admit his feelings for Zadie?

All these characters were well loved including the high school snobs. This was a pretty good start and very enjoyable read.