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Storms of Lazarus

Storms of Lazarus - Karen Kincy OMG I'm not sure if this is the ending of this series, but if it is it definitely was perfect! Ardis and Wendel are just absolutely amazing and are definitely a top OTP for me. This sequel is a perfect conclusion to Shadows of Asphodel and Karen Kincy is simply brilliant for it!

The sequel follows Ardis and Wendel after Wendel's "date with death." They get caught by police officers due to the Archmage trying to find them both. The Archmages enlist Wendel as an "employee" to help with Project Lazarus to fight against the Russian in war. In this sequel we are immediately introduced to new creatures -- vampires, which I love. The vampires are only seen at the beginning and towards the end, but their presence alone just makes me happy.

Majority of Storms of Lazarus takes place in Prussia where Wendel was born. The war has started and battle takes place. Ardis becomes a pilot for an automaton and befriends the one person she couldn't stand in Shadows of Asphodel. I love how strong and determined Ardis is to keep things going no matter what the situation looks like. That dream she had was insane. Was it really an omen?

I learn to love Wendel more because despite his overall "macho man" demeanor towards everyone, he has a soft spot for his younger brother which shows that he is not at all a bad necromancer. No matter how his family saw him he never gave up on his brother and continued to protect his family when danger was near. Okay one thing that bugs me out -- Wendel is bisexual! However, I love that the details are more so on his relationship with Ardis and not the other two men he had "affairs" with.

Finding out what lies ahead for Ardis and Wendel had me a bit concerned because of their lifestyle, but that ending just warmed my heart completely. I was definitely all smiles for them.

Can I just say: that strip poker -- had me on all toes laughing and those sex scenes were a bit outrageous but went extremely well for the book.

Karen Kincy did an amazing job with this conclusion and I can definitely see why it's dieselpunk instead of steampunk!