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Grimnirs - Ednah Walters **A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I'm not really sure what to say about this novella. It was definitely an okay read. It started off with a 3.5 stars, but that ending when it picked up earned it a 4 stars.

Grimnirs follows Cora after her release from PMI psych ward. Ever since the accident that occurred at a swim meet (read Runes) she was able to see ghosts, Valkyries and Grimnirs. She confided in her parents, but they put her in a psych ward. Now that she is out she is trying to figure everything out. Cora meets a Grimnir named Echo. In book 2, Immortals, Maliina transformed herself into Cora while Cora was in PMI so Echo thought Cora was Maliina and despite Cora telling him she was not around, he didn't believe her until she was cut. When he found out the truth his love for Cora was too strong and he vowed to protect her from the Grimnirs, Hel and Maliina.

I loved that Cora still was sassy and bold with her attitude. She didn't get scared easily and never held back when talking to Echo. Their romance was cute because his obsession for her made her fall for him, but when he found out the truth he backed away only to fall harder. Reminded me of how Torin and Raine fell in love.

Poor Eirik. To get dumped by both girls he love hurts and truly sucks. The fact that he is going to meet his mother Hel scares me. He believes his love life is to reflect that of his mothers and I'm afraid that he will let his dark side take over. And the way he told Cora he will always come back for her makes me think he will hold her hostage like his mom did to his father. I just feel so bad for him, but I hope he doesn't become like his mother. I wish he would have went to Asgard instead.

Andris is still a jerk. Totally loved his conversation and remarks with Cora. Completely funny. I love how Ingrid explained what happened to Cora prior to her going to PMI and explaining what her sister Maliina did to her. I'm glad that Lavania saved Cora and turned her. It just makes all the friendship and connection between Cora, Raine and Eirik a bit more interesting.

OMG I hope Maliina is seriously done for. She is a piss of crap. I don't get why she is obsessed with ruining everyone life over Andris being attracted to Raine. She is an insecure pompous female and hope Andris killed her. She had no right marking Cora in book 1, Runes, and had no right to pretend to be Cora at all. She is a sick child.

Overall, Grimnirs was an okay read and it does help to understand more about Cora and what took place in Immortals, book 2. I am ready to move on to the final book in the series and see how it all ends for Cora, Raine and Eirik.