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Runes  - Ednah Walters **A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Freaking outstanding! Totally shocked by that ending.

Wow, this was totally more than I honestly expected it to be. Yet another great paranormal romance novel for me. Ednah Walters created an outstanding group of characters for this book that both intrigued me and kept me wanting to know more about each character. The premise of her story was awesome. From beginning to end it was fast paced and full of drama.

The romance in this book was perfect for me. It was not instalove on any side and the love triangle was pretty awesome. Both love interest were perfect in different ways for Raine. I loved Raine as a character. She was not whiny, she was bold and outright sassy. She kept a mysterious vibe to her that not many characters can do for me. She had the oh so normal teenage life with a cool bestfriend and nice boyfriend, but had a crush on a not so normal immortal guy. Eirik at times seemed like an idiot to me. I feel like he just lost out on a great relationship with Raine out of fear. He should have stepped to her years ago, but it was his lost. Torin was definitely the hottie in this book. OMG I'm totally a Torin fan. He was mysterious, snarky, jealous and just down right seductive. That scene with him watching Raine in the dress at the mall was pretty crazy. Cora is the kind of bestfriend every girl has. Always daring, bold and hilarious. I loved Cora to pieces.

Ingrid seemed like the type of girl that didn't know what she wanted to do. One moment she was sweet and the next she was rude and mean. I think she felt torn between her job, her sister and just still learning to look at mortals as nothing but work. Andris irked my nerves. He was the guy that stalked Raine as a game. I just couldn't stand the way he talked about Mortals and viewed them. Maliina, his girlfriend, was mean as hell! I don't care if a Norn took over her mind she was plain nasty and I wish Torin would have snapped her neck again. This idea of the three Norns, Marj, Catie and Jeannette was intriguing. Norns being in control of your past, present and future is just like fate. Anytime fate is involved in a book it's always interesting for me.

As for Torin, Andris, Maliina and Ingrid being Valkyries -- that blew my mind. I never expected them to be that of all things. Gods or from the future maybe, but when Andris poured his heart out to Raine and explained it all that took me for a loop.

Finding out who really marked Raine first and learning about her family line is crazy. I never expected that to happen. I always expected her father to be the one especially with how he built the bond with her during her preemie days. And those damn Norns messing with Torin's memory -- ugh -- so not cool.

I'm interested to see where this goes for Raine and if she will have a relationship with Torin.