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Hunter's Bane (The Selena Bancroft Chronicles, Book 2)

Hunter's Bane (The Selena Bancroft Chronicles, Book 2) - Aryn Cordner **A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Hunter's Bane is just wow…it's just as good as Drink Divine, but Drink Divine is still better.

The Selena Bancroft series is a Historical Paranormal Romance in which a young lady named Selena Bancroft falls in love with Dhampir Gabriel Easton. In Drink Divine, devastation of the sort occurs which brings an end to Selena's relationship with Gabriel, but before he leaves her he gives her one last name…Silas Green. Selena is back in London preparing for her marriage to Henry Ashfield, but she is so interested in finding out who Silas Green is. Alas, she goes on hunt to find and meet him and when she does she is shocked.

Book two was a bit slow for me and even though Selena is continuously her sassy self, I was looking forward to more of Gabriel and Viktor, but there was only a few pages of them which was a downer. I think this book could have a gotten a five star rating if there was more with Gabriel and Viktor for me.

That cliff-hanger…ugh I hate cliff hangers, but I'm interested to see what more goes on for Selena, Gabriel and the rest of the characters.

Overall, book two was good and I definitely recommend this series to anyone into Historical Romance or Paranormal Romance.