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Hunted - Tyffani Clark Kemp I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

LeKrista was awesome and kickass once again. She squared off with those vampires and never backed down. Even when her family was in danger. It sucks that her family was dragged into this mess. Especially Dante, her brother -- I felt bad for him. Finding out that her mother wasn't crazy and her bloodline was all so enlightening because now there's a better understanding to her seizures and her visions.

Pierce is still a mystery. I am dying to know what he is and why it has to be secret? I love how territorial he gets towards the other males in the book, but he over does it with the whole Alex thing. That scene in the hotel where he was trying to teach her to keep her shield up…ummm…I literally had to re-read that twice because it confused me like hell. I mean it was a very smart way to teach her, but at the same time I was thinking "damn. Pierce is one sexual paranormal being" lmfao! For him to not want to have sex, he sure did overstep that line a bit.

Roman still pisses me off. His love for LeKrista is overdone and he needs to simply fall back. I hate how he acts, but I love that she learned to block him from her mind. His reaction was pure shock. I think Roman should just be happy with his harem and leave LeKrista alone with Pierce.

All these damn vamps after her is crazy. I mean is solely because she is supposed to be the next ArchMage? I mean even the head ArchMage wants her dead.

This ended on a sick note with Roman kidnapping her. I mean really Roman? Was it seriously that damn necessary?