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Drink Divine (The Selena Bancroft Chronicles)

Drink Divine (The Selena Bancroft Chronicles) - Aryn Cordner **A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Drink Divine is an outstanding YA paranormal romance novel. Aryn Cordner has created something simply profound from start to finish. It wasn't too much romance that made me sick to read. It was simply perfect. The world she created along with the characters were awesome!

Selena Bancroft was an awesome female protagonist. From start to finish she was fearless, sassy and all about not being what society wanted her to be. From the beginning on the book when he see Selena packing to head to Germany we see how sassy and smart mouthed she can be. Her parents sent her to school to obtain a proper female education while they were away in Egypt. Selena did not want to be in school so she decided to leave, but in the midst of her leaving her aunt Edith comes along and takes her to their home in London. While there she finds that her aunt Edith wants her to have two seasons and marry to keep their inheritance going. Selena does not want to be apart of that lifestyle, she wants to live her life the way she chooses to. She lives by one rule: don't fall in love because she doesn't need a man, but she is sadly mistaken when she meets Gabriel Easton.

Gabriel Easton is a young man of secrets that one could only imagine. He falls in love with Selena: love at first sight, but his secret is too much for him to put on her. He is not a normal human at all, he's a dhampir. He soon confides the truth to Selena and gives her the option to stay or leave. Selena, on many accounts, has chosen to stay with him and be happy, but their relationship is a secret because he doesn't want Selena to be an outcast in society.

I love the romance that brewed between the Gabriel and Selena and the chase that went on between them. I love how Selena didn't care much for the "monster" he was, but for the heart he had and the love he could give her.

Other characters I loved: Anastasia, Aunt Jo and James. Anastasia was sweet girl, I didn't like what her family made her do because of her cousin Tatiana, it just was not fair to her at all. Aunt Jo kept me laughing -- I could see why Selena wanted to be like her. Aunt Jo was sweet, kind and realistic about what she wanted as not just a woman, but as a human being. James was such a flirt, at first I thought he would be the one to end up Selena after things went south with her and Gabriel because the connection between the two was insanely perfect.

Characters I completely loathed: Viktor, Georgina and Tatiana. Viktor was a total douche for his attacks just try and get Selena. The fact that he was feral makes sense, but he didn't have to be that much of an evil vampire, Prince or not, he had no rights to Selena at all and his constant chase for her pissed me off. Georgina is a nice cousin, but listening to her mother Edith just made me hate her. She should have just made sure that Selena had a great time in Germany. Tatiana was pure rude and twisted. I don't like how she referred to Selena at all. I feel as if she was probably envious of her. I just didn't really care for Tatiana at all.

Overall, this book was outstanding and quickly became a favorite for me. I however, cannot wait to read the sequel! That ending left me heartbroken and what Gabriel and Anastasia did was insane. I just hope Selena finds them again and I pray that Viktor dies somehow someway.