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Bound by Duty

Bound by Duty - Stormy Smith This book was completely outstanding. It started off slow and at about 45% in I was ready to just give up on it, but boy did this book pick up and shock me in so many ways. First off I'm just going to say that damn cliffhanger. Like why do these amazing stories have such painful, gripping cliffhangers?! I need more!

This story follows Amelia who lives her life in a pile of lies. She's just started community college to live a normal life as she live in an Immortal world as an Elder. She is the last of her kind and she doesn't understand how to control her powers. She has lived her life listening to her father and brother and putting everyone else before her. It's not until her brother Cole, also an Elder (just not as powerful. Men were not powerful, the women were) takes her on a journey to meet her Uncle Derreck, an uncle who Cole kept a secret. When she meets her uncle she learns that only is she an Elder, but she is the Keeper. She holds the power of all five families of Elder making her extremely powerful and the only one that can kill the evil Queen Julia. She also learns that her father is not crazy, he was in essence a spy for the Queen thanks to Hunter Rhi (can't go into detail because it will be all spoilers). To throw all that in, she was also betrothed to the Prince from birth.

Bethany is a spitfire! She is sassy, sweet, loving, caring and absolutely the perfect best friend for Amelia. Her heart makes her the perfect person. Even when she was thrown into the world of Immortals and learned about Micah (towards the end) she was cool and down-to-Earth. Awesome best friend!

Micah was an awesome guy until the truth of his identity is discovered. First off, I think Amelia should have listened to her gut instinct about Micah from the start. However, Micah was an awesome boyfriend to Bethany and a cool "mentor" to Amelia. He helped her control her powers and taught her new things. I loved how hard he tried to help her. When the truth of his identity if discovered, thanks to the AniMages, is revealed it throws a true spin on everything. To be Prince Mikail and betray the trust of Cole, Amelia and Aidan is just crazy.

Aidan was such an awesome guy. He was bold and caring. His upbringing totally bought me to tears and the ending when he begged Amelia to pick him for her to be the first one to pick him just tore my heart to pieces. I loved that he found out he wasn't completely human and confided in her. I believe he is Amelia's mate that will help her unlock her powers. It's already been proven when she went up against the red headed woman.

Queen Julia …what can I say about this wretched woman. She is beyond evil. Killing Elders, exiling the AniMages, killing innocent people all to avoid the prophecy…she seriously has issues. I hope Amelia kicks her butt in the next book. Queen Julia is the epitome of jealous sore loser.

I am quite captivated by this series and can't wait to see what happens next for Amelia and the path she truly decides on.