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A Whispered Darkness

A Whispered Darkness - Vanessa Barger Wow...can you say freaky possession and crazy demonic spirits?! I gave this a full on 5 star rating! This book was so outstanding for me. It was a great intro into horror books. Vanessa has done absolutely amazing with this book!

This story follows Claire, her mother and her brother Grant. They have moved into a new house after their parents get divorced and Claire has a breakdown. Two things that make this move interesting: 1) Claire is a psychic and her mom and brother knows it and 2) their house is haunted.

Right off the back Claire can see and sense the strange happenings: the ghosts in the house. She tries to figure out what the ghosts want and the only answer: her. She also meets two guys named Bryan and Haven. These two have secrets of their own and they happen to be cousins. Their story: Haven is a psychic and Bryan is jealous. Bryan likes Claire but she picks Haven.

I absolutely loved every character! They all were unique in their very own way.

Claire is a very bold and quiet girl. It's a strange combination but in school she was super quiet and aware of her surroundings. Out of school she was fighting and arguing with crazy ghost that tried to kill her. I absolutely love how she stood up to Horace. No matter how hard he used her mother against him she still did not back down when he pushed.

Grant is a spunky kid! He's the kind of younger brother you love. He was very supportive to his sister and stood by her side even when the ghosts attacked them. I loved him like a little brother.

Claire's mother was very naive to me. She believed Claire was psychic but kept trying to get her admitted. That's so wrong, granted majority of the book she wasn't herself, but she still was naive and mean when it came to Claire and her powers.

Haven was the sweetest guy ever. I love how off the back he knew Claire was different and how they connected with having the same abilities (in a sense). He was protective, always there when needed and even like an older brothee to Grant. I just loved him and I'm team Haven!

Bryan was a scarey guy. The anger he had was insane. There were moments I thought he would kill Claire because he flipped back and forth with his emotions, but the ending of the book helps to explain his behavior. I still however was not a fan of him at all.

Horace and Maggie were freaking insane. Horace's background and what he did was beyond outrageous, but Maggie was totally wrong and set on revenge. I loved that ending between her and Claire...priceless and perfect!

This was an awesome book and I hope this book has a sequel secretly in the works.