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As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me - Ann Aguirre I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Ann Aguirre did an awesome job with this companion sequel in the 2B Trilogy. It was a great insight into what really happened with Lauren at school, her mishap with Max and her feelings for Rob.

I still loved I Want It That Way (book #1) much better.

Lauren seemed very distant in I Want It That Way book 1 in the trilogy). She seemed like a growing alcoholic with many secrets, but as I got more into this book I realized my perception of her was totally wrong. Lauren was a girl trying to please society and in the midst she spiraled downward into an unhappy state. When she's moves back home she begins to accept that she can't really please the world and must do what she feels is right for her. While returning home her feelings for an old long time crush come back, but the crush is no ordinary guy -- he's Robert Conrad, Nadia's older brother.

Robert Conrad aka Rob was a very insecure guy with a hot body that every girl dreamed of having on top of them. Robert was thought of as dumb by many people including his own family. He was quiet and kept to himself and normally just did what people wanted. It wasn't until Lauren showed him how much he was worth and deserved that his confidence picked up.

The relationship between Lauren and Robert was so wrong that it was perfect. Meaning they both had issues that needed to be dealt with and worked out, but together they couldn't solve them. When Rob moved to Canada it gave them both a chance to work those issues out and then come back together stronger. I love how Lauren pushed him away for his own good, but at the same time I wanted to jump through the pages and punch her in the face. Their relationship was slow, well built and in the end was pure perfection.

Avery, Rob's ex girlfriend, was a total queen b at first because of how she assumed Rob and Lauren were messing around. The part at the supermarket pissed me off as well (fight scene), but as the story progresses I learned that just like Lauren and Robert, Avery has some issues of her own that don't excuse her actions but she has a good reason. I loved Avery at the end, she was a surprising character for me.

Overall, I am excited for the final book to be released and to see what takes place for Max and the new roomie they have!