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Aerenden: The Gildonae Alliance

Aerenden: The Gildonae Alliance   - Kristen Taber I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

**Beware -- mild spoilers are given. Read book 1 first!**

Completely outstanding! This sequel was awesome. Although I did give it a 4.5 stars as well simply because I was waiting on seeing more of Goran and once more he was not in this book, only mentioned.

Meaghan has definitely grown a lot as a Queen and as a fighter. She tries to help everyone if she possibly can no matter how dangerous it is. She worked hard and learned to control her powers and how to fight in combat well. I was highly impressed with her when she battled those Mardrochs. She did awesome and definitely became an awesome kickass character for me. I've learned that she is much more stubborn then ever. She is definitely a mixture of her parents. Her near death experiences totally shocked me, but what made it interesting is that no matter how close to death she was she kept on wanting to fight and save the people of Aerenden which is a great quality for a Queen I believe. She is strong willed and determined to right the wrongs of Goran.

I love how this book included more info on her parents as far as how they became wed and how they fell in love and dealt with the Kingdom. It allowed me to understand Meaghan a lot more and how her relationship with Nick is.

Nick definitely takes the role as husband seriously. It's even more serious because he is Meaghan's Guardian and the King -- that packs a lot of punch for one person. Even though seemed overwhelmed and try to push himself and Meaghan too much, I think he managed everything well. He was a great teacher when it came to training Meaghan, however, for the first half of the book I wanted to strangle him. He totally blocked his emotions and acted like a statute towards Meaghan showing no emotion, but thankfully he fixed it quickly.

Cal is still mysterious to me. I still feel like he will betray Meaghan and Nick somehow I'm just not as sure. This book really showed his emotional side and made me like him more as a person. He seemed to have a lot of love for Nick and also his wife. I'm happy for him as far as him becoming a father…that should definitely loosen him up a bit. Even though I like Cal as a character, I can't shake the feeling that he is up to something that will be the demise of Meaghan.

Faillen's decision killed me to pieces. The fact that he made the decision and knew what lied before him upset me. What Goran did to his family just pissed me off. It sucks what happens with Cadie, Faillen's oldest son. Thankfully Aldin, the youngest son, is safe from Goran's evil plan. I just feel bad for his wife. Goran is an evil dog. Even though Aldin is about five or six (I believe) I hope he learns so much that he can help Meaghan and Nick as their Spellmaster against Goran and save his brother.

These traitors in the villages are totally pissing me off. I can't believe how easy they are to join Goran. And the extent Goran goes as to killing all these people, but not once showing himself makes him a coward in my book. A cowardice "King" -- he needs to be knocked down and beheaded. I'm just saying.

That ending simply broke me once again. I can't believe it happened like that. Poor Nick…I hope she returns safely to him and not like the prophecy states.

I definitely can't wait to see what happens for everyone.