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Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1)

Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1) - Karen Kincy **I received this book in exchange of an honest review.**

Simply amazing!

Review coming soon!Shadows of Asphodel is a miraculous new adult dieselpunk novel! I was completely shocked by how this book went. Karen Kincy created such amazing characters that never faltered or left me bored. I was intrigued with every character from beginning to end. Karen knew exactly how much drama, twists, sex and romance to add so that it not only balanced out, but kept the reader wanting more every turn of the page.

This novel, although told from one POV, follows two seemingly different characters: Ardis and Wendel.

Ardis is mercenary working for the archmages. She's an American girl that ran away from home due to an incident that took place. As a mercenary she kills and does other tasks that the archmage pay her for. During one mission she finds a young man bleeding and dying. This young man is more than the eye can see with his secrets. When he reveals his secret at a failed attempt to kill Ardis she wants to take him for ransom. As the story progresses she learns more about the young man and her disgust turns into something more.

Wendel is a young necromancer with a past that could kill the basic human. His lineage is grand, but due to his curse he is disinherited and alone. He works for the Order -- or at least he did. His only thought is revenge. He sets out on a journey to kill the Order, but along the way he falls in love with a young lady that saved his life on multiple accounts. In her he finds true love, but also finds something else that could change their relationship.

The romance between Ardis and Wendel was steamy, but not over the top. I love how perverted Wendel was when Ardis tried to be serious. I love how Ardis was first disgusted by him, but grew to love him. The way Wendel opened up was so sweet and made everything so bittersweet.

That plot twist with the Grandmaster was insane! Finding out who he was and what he did was beyond crazy. It definitely had me on my toes.

That ending with Wendel and discovering the secret to the necromancers death was unbelievably mind blowing!

My final words: complete and utter perfection!

Excited to see what happens next for Wendel and Ardis in Storms of Lazarus!