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Easy - Tammara Webber Ripped my heart out. Shattered it to pieces. Glued it back. Shoved it back in my chest.

Loved this book! This being my second New Adult novel, I was not disappointed at all.

The book starts off with Jacqueline attending a Greek Halloween party with her friend. In the midst of her going to her car she is put into a horrible situation. Luckily she is saved by someone. That someone is Lucas. Her boyfriend of three years dumps her. She misses class for a few weeks. She is once again saved. The one who saved her is Landon Maxfield. Jacqueline is your typical college student trying to grasp her life while enduring heartache and a life changing experience. I love how she managed through each experience. I felt all her emotion and pain.

Lucas is sort of a quiet guy that doodles in class. Starbucks worker, terrific artist as well as patrol officer for his college and an instructor for women's self defense. Landon is a brilliant tutor with a cool outlook on life. The way the two of them met Jacqueline was pretty lovely and romantic.

Finding the truth about Lucas and Landon was unbelievably awesome and shocking all at once. He is an amazing guy and an even better man. He was always there for Jacqueline. His personal story about his family tore my heart and made me want to crawl in a corner and cry. I felt his pain, but also felt his growth.

I absolutely hated Kennedy and Buck. I wanted to bash their heads in with a sledgehammer. Kennedy is a douche-bag for breaking up with Jacqueline after three years just to have fun before his "career" in the law industry takes off. The fact that he felt like an ass and wanted her back was even more dumb. I'm glad she didn't take him back. As for Buck...he was a worthless guy. What he continuously tried to do and put Jacqueline through made me want to shoot him in the head. Despite how crazy his character was Tammara depicted his character so true to the many possibilities that college brings about. I love that Buck got his ass kicked twice by Lucas. Awesome!

Those intimate scenes in Jacqueline's dorm room and Lucas' place were so intense even if the sexual content wasn't there. Pure perfection.

Overall, Easy was a fantastic novel and I'm definitely going to be reading Unbreakable next!