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Shadow Fire (The Light Chronicles #1)

Shadow Fire (The Light Chronicles #1) - Kimber Leigh Wheaton **I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Looking for a ya novel with a bit of magic and romance? Well this is it! Kimber Leigh Wheaton did an amazing job writing this book. From the characters to the world building, I was totally pleased with this novel. The beginning did drag for me a bit, but once the action started I was sucked in until the end.

A world ruled by a goddess, who has left her magicial powers in a lost statue. A white wolf who is in fact a demigod, the son of the goddess. An evil sorceress looking to obtain absolute power. A hunk of a mercenary that has the hots for Ashlyn and a wolf who is the last of his kind. That all added up to drama, massive kissing sessions and the truth about the lies told for years.

Ashlyn is the Chosen One of Verdane. Her goal as a pure girl is to go on the Quest, a dangerous journey, to retrieve the Goddess Reiki statue and return it back to Verdane. She is supposed to travel alone but a mercenary named Zane tags along to ensure her safety. During the quest they encounter monsters, mercenaries, a demigod, pirates and Delistaire, an evil sorcerer after the statue to obtain more power. During the journey truths are revealed and lies are demolished.

I totally loved Ashlyn as a female protagonist. Despite being afraid she still stayed strong and fought her way through. She was clever at learning and fighting. She wasn't so emotional and she did not always need to have Zane save her.

Zane was a hot character. I was totally smitten with his strong, content personality. He cared for Ashlyn deeply and was loyal to her at all points even down to the romantic side.

The romance was a bit instalove, but it brewed slowly. Zane knew how he felt the moment he saw Ashlyn, but respected her quest which was sweet. The kissing between them was intense and the way he held her when they laid down, priceless.

The secrets about who his father was, his mother, Ashlyn being a mage and the Goddess statue was unbelievable. The true history that was shared about the statue and both Zane and Ashlyn was truly incredible.

The ending made me extremely happy. Glad everything worked out for Ashlyn despite finding the truth about the statue.

As for Delistaire, he was not only a douchebag and power obsessed idoit but a horrible husband and demeaning father. What he has done throughout his time was just unspeakable. I seriously need him to ger therapy, lol.

The other characters I enjoyed in this book where Shadow, Ashlyn's wolf (the last of his kind). Loki, the demigod and son of the Goddess Reiki, the griffin and the ever so funny and friendly pirate Taranis. Taranis kept me laughing the whole time once he entered the story, but he was a brave and loyal young man.

Characters I totally wanted to rip apart besides Delistaire were Cory because of what he did to Ashlyn at the very beginning and how he ruined her party and Mayor Franklin.

Shadow Fire was an outstanding YA fantasy novel. I highly recommend for anyone to check it out. You won't be disappointed.