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Ethereal Fury

Ethereal Fury  - Jessica O'Gorek **This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

A paranormal novel with a different take. This is was written in such a unique way with a concept I've never read before. I was drawn to this book because the synopsis sounded great to me.

Picture it: Mother Earth, an evil being upset with mankind for the destruction they have caused from greed. She decides to build a supernatural army by killing people to have them join her army called the Gemini. Sounds mind blowing!

At first, I was going to give this book 3 stars because it started off extremely slow and dull for me, but as it progressed and things began to change for Onyx I gave it 4 stars.

This follows Onyx and his mission to wipe out humans. He was once human himself, but because he polluted the Earth without care Mother Earth killed him and made him one of her soldiers. The Gemini's are paranormal beings unlike any other. They are thin smoke that radiate heat. They can possess a human body and do as they please similar to demons.

Onyx seemed like a cold hearted man for a while until he came across Violette, a 16 year old Catholic orphan girl who starts to make him think and feel completely different almost human again. The fact that the romance was driven by lust between a middle aged man and a sixteen year old I was sort of shocked, but it was a bit realistic so I enjoyed it in the end.

The setting of the book mostly took place at a Catholic church which thankfully didn't make this story turn into a complete religious take. Other characters I enjoyed are Lily, Onyx's Gemini sister. Slate and Father Darius, both members of the church who work with a secret group of high priests to fight off the Gemini.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I'm a big paranormal /supernatural lover, so this book was a great change from the standard paranormal beings read in most books. If you are looking to try something different then give this book ago.