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Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1

Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1 - Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Ríos, Jordie Bellaire **Received a copy from NetGalley.**

Be warned this has some hints of adult content!

This is a tough one to review. Let me begin by saying the artwork was beautiful. The color choices, the wounds, the characters -- all beautiful.

As for the story-line I was a bit confused with it. This is a more western style graphic novel, different from the graphic novels I'm used to reading. The concept behind this story is that Death's daughter, Ginny, is looking to kill her mother's killer, Mason. While Ginny is after him her father sends Alice to retrieve his daughter and Sissy.

At first it was confusing why Death wanted Sissy, but finding out that she is to take his place as the new Death save humanity I can understand it.

This just wasn't a good read for me, but if you are into fantasy, grimm reapers, death and western's this could be perfect for you.