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Satan's Prep: A Graphic Novel

Satan's Prep: A Graphic Novel - Gabe Guarente **Received a copy from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.**

This graphic novel was absolutely outstanding for me. From the artwork, to the story line to the characters...pure gold.

This graphic novel follows Trevor, after he is killed from a shortage in cheap amp, at Satan's Prep. Satan's Prep is basically a high school teenagers that should be going to hell but they go there to try and shape up to see if their souls can be saved. Simple put, it's a school for lost souls. Trevor was an awesome male protagonist. Despite his cowardice ways he somehow became strong, witty and very sarcastic. He disobeyed the rules because of a clerical error that landed him in Satan's Prep instead of purgatory.

The love interest Persephone Plumm seems very strange at first, but as the story progresses on I find that despite who she really is she tries her best to make a friendship with Trevor which eventually turns into so much more.

I totally love the idea of a high school in Hell. The science class was absolutely hilarious. Having to literally be dissected looked cool. The gym scene was definitely PRICELESS.

As for the artwork -- amazing! The details, the colors, the depiction of each character...done profoundly.

I totally enjoyed this graphic novel.