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Amulet of Elusion

Amulet of Elusion - Katie Lynn Johnson **Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Amulet of Elusion is great ya fantasy novel. I was totally impressed with how Katie Lynn Johnson went about writing this. It was a fun read with a lot of action and enough romance. The world building was outstanding! I absolutely loved the world from start to finish. The character development was great too. Each character had their own personality that bought the story to life.

Alexa Costa, the protagonist, is a feisty 17 year old living with Ivy Delgado (her guardian) in Alvair. Alexa grew up sheltered because of her past life in San Lucero. Now that she is turning 18 years old she is allowed to beyond the city limits of Alvair and go to San Lucero. Her entire life she spent days learning about Triads, Amulets and how to sparr. She used to think it was all useless until she was captured by the governor of San Lucero and then Alvairians came to rescue her. War broke out between the two cities.

Alexa's best friend Novella Harris is an extremely outgoing young lady. I loved her spunky attitude, especially when it came to reading and learning history. Alexa has a "beau" named Caleb Whitman. The forbidden romance that brews between the two of them is lovely. I admire how Caleb even took Sam, a 15 year old, under his wing to "train" him.

Ivy was an amazing guardian. I think she should have told Alexa the truth about her family and life, but the fact that she prepared her throughout the years was great.

The fight between the queen and king against Alexa was stunning. How the king died was hilarious, but the ending is such a cliff hanger!!!!!!!!! Why!?

Overall, this book was awesome and the sneak peak of Amulet of Power definitely has me interested in what happens next!