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Spearwood Academy One: Episodes 1-5

Spearwood Academy One: Episodes 1-5 - A.S. Oren **Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

A. S. Oren has written an incredible work. This is my first fantasy/paranormal novel involving dragons and I must say I am highly impressed!

Years ago magic users prayed to the Sun god for powers to make it through rough times. The Sun god answered them by giving them the power to shift into one of the five elemental dragons: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Metal. Their greed led a female dragon to kill Queen Sibi's female lover. Because of that she cursed female dragons to experience pain when shifting to a dragon. From that point on women stayed in human form and mothers killed their female babies so they wouldn't endure the pain. All but one female...

This is a story following Avalon Celementine. She is the last female dragon of her kind due to curse that was placed on the women. Her mother had her sent away. She was taken in by Edgar who raised her like a daughter even though he knew about her dragon form.

Spearwood Academy has been sending Edgar letters for years wanting to take Avalon and teach her about her heritage along with learning more about herself. The day after her fifteenth birthday she goes to Spearwood Academy to learn about her dragon self and background. While their she must learn her element, survive the survival test and learn who she is.

Avalon, being the only girl there must learn to be herself. The witty remarks she makes to her new group of friends, which are all guys, is hilarious. Avalon learns to break out of her shell because she is around people like herself.

The ending definitely leaves a cliff hanger, so I definitely have to find out what happens next!