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Enlightened - A.L. Waddington Let me start by saying, thank God for a preview of Perception (book #3) because that cliff hanger was making me miserable.

Enlightened, book 2 in The EVE series, is just as amazing as Essence and carries a bit more drama to it. Jocelyn is becoming more aware of both lives in 1878 and 2009. Things that take place in her sleep she is becoming aware of and remembering in the morning. What I'm realizing is that when a chapter ends in 2009 she is actually sleeping while her soul is in 1878 and vice versa. Totally cool in my opinion!

This book is more involved with Jackson and Jocelyn's relationship and how him not being able to share things with her about her lives was causing complications between the two of them in both eras. I love how even though the relationship had a slight downfall, love prevailed and the two of them kept the weddings on.

There isn't much I can say without giving too much away, but boy I enjoyed present day Jocelyn getting those journals and photo albums from Uncle Monte thanks to Shane finding them.

What I liked:
+ the fight between Jocelyn (present day) and Taylor. Too funny how the teachers backed up Jocelyn
+ Jocelyn looking through the photo albums of her 1878 self
+ learning the future of 1878 Jocelyn and Jackson

What I disliked:
+ Amy's reaction to the wedding and not wanting to help. Totally mean of her.
+ Amy's reaction to Thanksgiving at the Chandlers

All I can say is I'm excited to read Perception once it's released! My one question: since Jackson and Jocelyn had a family in 1878, will they have it in 2009?