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Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout Let me just say, even though I own a ton of her books, this is my first ever JLA read. Yes I know, I'm missing out completely, but being that I own all of her YA and NA books I may just binge read them *smile*

This book was outstanding from beginning to end. This was full of drama, suspense and mystery. I have never read a book written with such a strong plot twist to it.

Samantha, the protagonist, has been missing for four days. She is found on a road side walking and physically damaged and is taken to a hospital. When she gets there she is met by her parents who she cannot remember. She can't seem to remember anything and she finds out her best friend Cassie is missing too. She must try and remember what happened the night she disappeared since she was the last person to see Cassie. But the only question is, will remembering be worth the danger that's to come?

This story follows Sam as she tries to regain her life back and remember what happened the night she disappeared. Unfortunately, everything that was normal prior to just isn't normal now because she has no idea who she is. She begins to have flashes of memories of her life which totally makes her want to be a better person. Cassie ends up being dead and the person who killed her and tried to kill Sam is the person anyone would least expect.

I totally loved the plot twist. I would have never in a million years guessed who the murderer was. Sam's life was a total circus. Prior to her disappearance she was extremely popular, had a hot boyfriend and was a mean girl times 10. When she comes back clueless about her life she ends up falling for Carson, her old childhood best friend, and becomes a much nicer person.

Despite how Sam used to be, she changed and became a better person despite how things turned out for her in the end.

Jennifer L. Armentrout created such mind blowing story that keeps you hooked with each page. Questioning the motives, the ideas and personality of each character. When the book is over you can't help but love it!

Pure perfection in my eyes.