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Night of Cake & Puppets

Night of Cake & Puppets - Laini Taylor As I have just finished reading Days of Blood & Starlight and this novella keeps the energy and excitement going for me. I had to read about the cute couple, Zuzana and Mik, and how they began because they are truly cute, adorable and fun. I was really prepared for a simple meeting with witty convo from Zuze (Zuzana), but boy was I surprised!

First off before Karou ran off to look for wishes she gave Zuzana five scuppies which was totally cool of her to do. They may be worthless wishes to her, but for Zuzana they were an answer to a cry. Zuze finally decided to go ahead and make a move on Mik. They both work at the same theater and never spoke once. The cute thing is that this novella had dual perspective so it was cool to see that Mik had a thing for Zuzana as well, but was just as nervous as she was.

I love how Zuzana created a treasure map surrounded around herself and used the scuppies for cute ways to wow Mik during the treasure hunt. In turn, I love that Mik made his own version and had her find him. It was totally cute how they both liked each other and were nervous, but finally came together through a cute treasure hunt for one another.

Laini Taylor is definitely excellent in the way she created Zuzana and Mik's relationship. Great novella!