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Code Human

Code Human - N.J. Paige **I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

N. J. Paige does a good job at describing the feelings, emotions and thoughts that Fenesia has. The world building and the characters were amazing and kept me highly interested. The society was split into a hierarchical system: Purest, Purestkind and Underkind. The Underkind consisted of three groups: Rubrics, Besmirchians and Shillers.

Fenesia, the protagonist, was apart of the Purestkind. From the beginning she has always been sort of a rebel against her own kind in which she disliked the way the Underkind were treated. It took the beginning of a rebellion for things to change. Her father decided to join with the Underkind and do the unspeakable which causes them to no longer were Purestkind, but became Underkind in essence. That's when the action really begins and the story becomes a fast paced page turner.

I totally disliked Sara, Fenesia's mother, she was a total snob towards the Underkind so I was a bit happy to see her get knocked on her behind when they no longer were Purestkind. John, Fenesia's father, was a true hero in my eyes. Taking a stance, leading the way and helping change the world was outstanding.

I felt terrible when death was just all around Fenesia, but I love how she took care of herself, her sister and even the other kids. Totally became a protector and mother figure inspite of her own fears, pain and struggles. The resistance was amazing and the way the Underkind and traitors fought back was so amazing.

My heart was drowned with tons of emotions. All of the hope, sadness, tears, fear and death in this novel pulled and tugged at my heart. I definitely did shed a few tears.

The ending was a bit confusing for me when she closed her eyes and her mother spoke to her. Great dystopian novel. Loved the book. It does start off with a slow pace, but when it picks up be ready for a bumpy ride!