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The Program

The Program  - Suzanne Young A world where suicide is an epidemic among teens and the only way to get cured is to go into the Program. Suzanne Young has created a world based off of serious endeavors, but kept it fictional and great to read.

Seventeen years old Sloane Jacob has been admitted into the Program. She is burdened with so much pain: her older brother killed himself, her friends Lacey and Kendra were admitted to the Program and her friend Miller killed himself. Sloane is on edge and her mother decides to call the Program and have her admitted. That's when the drama really begins.

As she is taken to the Program she comes across a handler who has been stalker her named Roger. He totally disgusted me throughout the whole book. I mean what he's been doing was just unbelievable. She also meets Realm who helps during her stay. She ends up liking Realm until his secret is revealed to her.

Once Sloane is cured she ends up meeting with James again and even though they can't remember their past together they still feel familiar to each other. In the end the become a couple and truths are revealed about their past leaving them broken again.

This was a book that made me think deep about suicide and depression. It kept me thinking as I turned each page. Even though it was a sad book, the love story entwined with it made it much more enjoyable.

I'm definitely interested to see what happens next for Sloane and James. Especially with how it ended with a cliff hanger.