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Moon Angel (book#1)

Moon Angel (book#1) - F.W. Pinkerton **Received this book from the author to read and give an honest review**

O M G...

This book is absolutely amazing for a paranormal novel. I honestly and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Katie and diving into the life of a Moon Angel and the village Wraith. The writing style was great and it made it so easy to read the book through and never get confused or want to put it down.

Katie's human life at the beginning truly sucked. I mean from the way her mother treated her to how mean Jessica and the popular kids were to her...I wanted to cry for her. I love however when her birthday came around things completely changed for the better. Now, what broke my heart was finding out that she could never see her grandmother and she can never see her grand-daughter until she runs her course as a moon angel...completely sucks!

Mooncat and Gabe, I honestly thought they were one in the same, but finding out who Mooncat was shocked me. Gabe appearing and disappearing seriously pissed me off. I loved that Jessica had a change of heart after her dream. Katie learning to fight off shadow lurkers and demons was awesome. The Headmaster aka Mr. Snow was cool as well as Bessie and Erin.

I loved the ending with the King, Katie and Gabe and finding out about Katie and her other powers.

Such an amazing paranormal novel and highly recommend it to someone looking for something different to read as far paranormal/supernatural books go.