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Arclight  - Josin L. McQuein This was more than what I expected! That ending was insane. Definitely enjoyed this.

I am a fan of Josin L. McQuein after reading her novel Premeditated. This did not disappoint at all.

This story follows Marina in a sort of post-apocalyptic society that lives under the Arclight. The world is split into two with a middle ground: light, dark and grey. Marina was saved from the Grey by the people in the Arclight. She lives in the Arclight with several other people. The Arclight is the last refuge in a post-apocalyptic world consumed by terrifying creatures called the Fade. Marina doesn't remember who she is, where she came from, or how she survived. All she really knows is that the Fade want her.

After an attack by the Fade, Marina is recognized by one of them and her world begins to collapse. The Fade tell Marina the truth about who she is and what happened to her. Marina knowing she was an outsider never thought she'd be that much of an outsider compared to everyone else.

I absolutely love the idea of sacrifice that took place when Marina was saved, especially when the people knew who she was. At the same time I absolutely hated Honoria for her vendetta to seek revenge. It did nothing but harm people and make her a heartless brute. Tobin was a very interesting guy for me. I loved him and hated him all at once because he was so wishy-washy throughout the whole story. One minute he hated her the next he liked her and at the end he was still the same way.

The love triangle between Marina, Tobin and the Fade was all too funny to me. The idea of Marina loving of a Fade, who is supposed to be evil, struck me as crazy, but learning the truth its understandable. Tobin and Marina seemed great but Tobin never knew what he wanted.

Overall, the story started off slow for me, but ended on point. I'm excited to see what happens next for the people in the Arclight and if anything will change between the humans and Fade.