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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell This was a pretty good read. I'm not much into fangirling or fandom so I wasn't able to relate much to the Simon Snow tad bits. I couldn't even relate to Cath's freshman year because mine was absolutely the opposite; extremely fun.

I did like how she grew into her own after her first semester. She finally began to see what Wren, her twin sister, was talking about. Cath's roommate was a bit creepy to me, Levi is so hot and sweet and Nick is a pure college jerk. Wren needs to grow up and just quit the damn drinking. Laura completely upset me for how she acted as a woman and mother.

This book did hit home at some parts. I love the balance of comedy, romance, self love and family togetherness in this book. Definitely well written.

For my second Rainbow Rowell novel I definitely enjoyed it.