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The Diviners (The Diviners #1)

The Diviners (The Diviners #1) - Libba Bray For my first Libba Bray and a book written in the 1920's I can't use impressed as the word. This was a mind blowing book that both excited and scared me simultaneously.

The writing style was perfect. The dialogues hilarious. The characters out of this world. I just can't fully express how amazing this book was for me. The multiple point of views was done so perfectly and never left me confused. Each character had their own tone and personality that wasn't too complicated to distinguish from the next.

The beginning of the story definitely creeps me out because we are introduced to Naughty John. He was released from the spirit realm as a bunch of teenagers forgot to close the window after playing with a ouija board. The story picks up when Evie is sent to live with her Uncle Will as punishment because she used her gift (which no one knows about) and everyone thought it was a mean trick. She sees her punishment as an opportunity to party and enjoy her summer. Little does she know work will lie ahead of her.

As she arrives in New York she falls in the mix of a case her Uncle has been asked to be apart of. In being such a bold and spunky girl she joins the case and learns about The Diviners.

The Diviners include Evie, Sam, Memphis, Isaiah and few other secondary characters. Sadly only Evie knows she is one of them. The Diviners have special powers and gifts to fight off evil.

In this, Naughty John is the villain. He comes back from the dead to finish a ritual in with he becomes the Beast and brings about Hell on Earth. Unfortunately he is stopped by Evie, but unknowingly Evie unleashes something much darker.

I can't fully review this the way I would like to because I would spoil it for so many people.

Just know, The Diviners is an AWESOME summer read. I definitely advise everyone to read it. I cannot wait to read the Liar of Dreams next to see what happens for Evie and the other Diviners.