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Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi What took me so long to read this series?!

Veronica Rossi has created such an amazing world and an awesome group of characters. From the beginning I was a bit confused, but after a few chapters everything meshed and made more sense.

This follows Aria and Perry. Two very different people from different sides of life. Aria is a dweller. She lives under the dome in Reverie where everyone lives life virtually. She mistakenly trusts Soren to give her information about her mother, but things go wrong and her life is literally at stake. Fortunately she gets saved, but she must pay for insolence and is kicked out of Reverie to live Outside.

Perry is an outsider (or savage as the dwellers call them). He saved Aria the night Soren harmed her. He also took her eye piece. He lives with his brother and nephew. Things go wrong for him when his nephew is taken by dwellers and he tries to save him.

Both Aria and Perry must find ways to live their lives trying to survive and help one another. As they help each other they learn the truth about their homes and decide to make changes.

Despite not standing each other and believing rumors of one another's kind, their relationship blossoms into something sweet which is breathtakingly marvelous in so many ways.

My favorite secondary characters have to be both Roar and Cinder. Roar kept me laughing every time he popped up and Cinder kept me intrigued, especially since he can control the Aether. Cinder is very interesting and I'm hoping to find out more about him and his power/gift.

That cliff hanger though... Oh My Gosh. I need answers!

Veronica Rossi has created such an outstanding piece of work with this post-apocalyptic, dystopian world. I am excited to continue on with the series!