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Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) - Marissa Meyer **To get more background, character development and world building read the prequel [b:Glitches|13254289|Glitches (The Lunar Chronicles, #0.5)|Marissa Meyer|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1377258720s/13254289.jpg|18455512]!**

Cinder is a marvelous take of the classic fairy-tale Cinderella. Marissa Meyer has taken a classic and added a twist with a dose of dystopian, sci-fi, cyborgs and secrets. Not sure what took me so long in starting this series, but I'm glad I have.

Cinder follows young Cinder and her journey as a cyborg living in New Beijing during the plague under the care of her cold hearted stepmother Adri. Along with her stepmother she lives with Iko, the family's android, and her two stepsisters Pearl (oldest and mean) and Peony (youngest and sweet).

Cinder has to learn to deal with the many struggles that come her way, but the few things she has to look forward to are: working as the best female and young mechanic in New Beijing, her fun baby sister Peony and her best friend Iko.

Being the best mechanic she gets to come in contact with Prince Kai. Prince Kai came to her for help with his android Nansi. In the midst of getting help and talking with Cinder, Prince Kai has to deal with his father Emperor Rikan being sick with the plague, letumosis, and dying slowly. To top it all off he has to deal with Queen Levana of the Lunars.

Queen Levana is an evil, ugly person from the moon or Luna. She has developed a cure for the plague, but she only plans to give more if Prince Kai marries her to make an alliance. Her goal: become empress, kill Kai and wage war with Earth.

To help with efforts to finding a cure for the plague, Dr. Erland develops the cyborg draft but his only goal, as well as Prince Kai's: find the missing Princess Selene so she can become Queen and have Levana "overthrown". He does find her, but keeps from telling her until its close to being too late.

During the time Emperor Rikan dies, Levana decides to visit to try and convince Kai to marry her to save his people because the main ingredient in the cure is from Luna sadly. In the midst of her being on earth, Levana sees Cinder and becomes irritable about it.

In the end, we find out who Princess Selene is and can only hope for the best.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and can't wait to move on to Scarlet. The mix of romance, action, drama and suspense just makes this story marvelous in so many ways.

- the character development
- the world building
- Prince Kai's efforts to get Cinder to the ball
- Iko's hilarious comments about the Prince
- Cinder giving the cure to Sacha's son
- how Cinder stood up to Adri
- Kai shutting down Adri and Pearl from being rude to Cinder
- Dr. Erland telling Cinder who she really is
- Cinder's determination to escape

- Adri and Pearl's rudeness towards Cinder and Iko
- Queen Levana and her second hand Sybil
- Peony dying
- Kai not believing Cinder when she told him she didn't glamour him