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Paper Towns

Paper Towns - John Green I liked this book a lot. I see what people mean about John Green's writing, very great. Quentin was a really cool character. At the beginning he seemed like a wimp, but during his search for Margo he definitely grew some balls. The introduction of Margo was hilarious to me as she wanted Quentin to join her on her "revenge" escapade. As the story progressed I felt sad for Margo and the life she lived, it really sucked. I'm happy she wasn't dead, but sad she decided to stay away and not return home.

Ben, Radar and Lacey are cute characters. Ben definitely was a humorous one for him. His obsession with sex and females just cracked me up.

The writing, the premise and the characters sucked me in and kept me intrigued. For my first John Green novel I was definitely impressed. Can't wait to read another one by him soon.