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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Can I just get some ice cream, a box of tissues and a trashcan?

This story blew my mind! I mean it had me in true tears under my throw on my bed. I completely love this book. This is my second time reading one of John Green's book and I was hesitant because the first book I read was not that good to me, but enjoyable so I went into this book with little expectation thinking I wouldn't enjoy it, but I was totally wrong.

This follows the life of Hazel and Augustus, two teens with cancer. It does sound grim at first, but this was far from grim. Hazel's character was absolutely adorable. Despite having thyroid cancer she still wanted to live a normal life. She wanted to do things others did and be treated equally. More so, she wanted to die when the time came and didn't want her parents to do anything but let her go.

Augustus started off as a chipper character: very outgoing, making jokes, keeping people on their toes, but that was his way of deflecting his own issue with osteosarcoma. Despite being healthy for a while, he went back into getting sick after doing the sweetest thing for Hazel.

The way Hazel and Augustus became a couple was truly cute because it wasn't instalove. They took the time to get to know each other and do simple things for one another that made each other smile. I think when they both got sick (Hazel before Europe and Augustus after) they didn't want each other to see each other sick and weak. That spoke volumes, but still was heartfelt.

As the story got closer the end I was in shock by the twist and turn and it took. The person I thought would die totally wasn't the one and I just cried my eyes out. Augustus is super sweet, kind, loving, friendly and caring in so many ways. Hazel was just trying to live her days until it was her time to go.

Another character that I feel was essential to this story was Isaac. He had eye cancer and eventually through surgery he would become blind, but cancer free. His girlfriend truly pissed me off and made me want to jump through the pages and strangle her, but thankfully he had friends like Hazel and Augustus to pull him through.

This is definitely the type of book one needs to read if they want a different outlook on life or just want a heartfelt story to read. Just be prepared with your box of tissue and trashcan.

Next thing to do: go watch the movie!