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Prodigy  - Marie Lu *grabs a box of tissue*

Seriously did this book just happened? Did this just have the most heart-wrenching cliff hanger?! Please give me a moment of silence...

I cannot believe the craziness that has took place in Prodigy. I thought Legend was amazing, but wow, Prodigy just left me hurt.

Prodigy had a good amount of action that kept me on edge of my seat, but the romance was just not there. I needed more romance between June and Day, but it just wasn't there. Despite the lack of romance I still enjoyed the character development between June and Day. They were just amazing!

I absolutely hated Razor. Such a two-timing, coniving douchebag! Commander Jameson just needs to freaking die! I hate her. The assassination against the new Elector Anden failed, but the way it all went wrong was amazing. June was brave. Tess simply irked my nerves. Can she just runaway and stay away?! Poor Kaden--why'd she have to die when I was starting to seriously like her?! Thomas...I have no words for what he's done in Legend and just can't respect him.

This took my breath away and just felt like a kick to the stomach. Lol. Marie Lu...you are an amazing writer!

I suggest anyone looking for a good dystopian novel to check this series out! You will NOT be disappointed at all!