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Legend - Marie Lu Gave this a 4.5 stars.

Marie Lu has wowed me with the first book in her series. I was blown away by the world and the characters. She created a true dystopian world that sucked me and made me feel like one of the characters. This was filled with so much action, romance and deception.

This was a fast paced book even though it started off a bit slow. The adventure was simply enticing and left me wanting more. The writing style was marvelous. The two POV's worked out amazingly because they meshed. No matter how one characters view ended the next character picked up from that view in their own perspective.

The story follows June, a prodigy of the military, and Day, the most wanted criminal in the Republic. June is "hired" to find and kill Day under false pretense, but in the end she finds out the truth about Day, the lies and much more.

Along the way, as the story progresses, people are killed, lied to, truths are revealed and pain is used as a weapon against the true enemy...the Republic.

I absolutely loved Day and June. They were so fun to read. The development between Day and June was amazing. I mean how they disliked one another but grew to love each other was great. Their age, fifteen, did concern me at some points because they just seemed too mature for their age, but it was still great to read nonetheless.

I definitely need to continue on with this trilogy and find out what happens next for Day and June!