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The Selection

The Selection  - Kiera Cass Another 4.5 stars for me.

I enjoyed the characters from beginning to end. I love how America was skeptical at first,but after getting to know Prince Maxon she became his friend. After he made a shocking decision to cut from 27 to 25 and then abruptly to the Elite and kept her I was sold.

Aspen upset me from start to finish. Even though I understood a bit of why he wanted America to sign up and go he didn't fight for her to stay. Last minute, like most guys, when he's losing her he decides to take a stand and fight.

I hope America goes with Prince Maxon because his heart is as pure as gold. She was his first date, first argument and even his first kiss. Maxon definitely seems like the type of guy every girl dreams about.

I'm totally team Maxon!