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Crewel - Gennifer Albin This was an okay book. I wasn't too impressed with the writing style or the storyline. Some parts were just a bit iffy for me. It took me a minute to love Adelice, but after her retrieval I loved her as a character. She knew how to fight for what she believed in without giving up. The love triangle she had going on with Erik and Josten who happened to be brothers was interesting. I could not stand Pryana, Maela or Cormac.

The storyline was mainly surrounded by a segregated world where boys and girls live separately. Men rule this "world" through a system called The Guild (of Twelve) and females are used as mere pawns. Simply around for sex and beauty. I will say, Adelice did a kickass job not sticking to the stereotype in her world and her sarcasm and quick remarks definitely made me laugh.

Not too fond of the storyline, but I plan to continue reading this series and moving on to book #2, Altered, some time this year. Hopefully book two saves the series or I'll stop reading it.