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Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded  - Amanda  Carlson Such a shocker for me. A lot of action and a ton of secrets within the Sects. It was great seeing how the author eventually made everyone like each other and work as a team. Definitely something powerful behind that. This book was definitely better than the first two in the series and has me so in love with Werewolves. Amanda Carlson is a great writer and definitely did a great job on the series. Now, I wonder how it all ends. Will they save Tyler? Will the Vamp Queen become godlike and/or fae after drinking Jessica's blood?! Will Jessica ever rise to the occasion and accept her rule as "Queen" of the Supernatural world? Who in the hell created these cursed werewolves? Will she kick the Prince of Hell's ass? So ready fot the next book! Highly recommend this series!