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Blooded - Amanda  Carlson Amanda Carlson is an amazing writer. I love Jessica McClain and her feisty attitude. She is daring, sarcastic and determined. This novella gave me some more excitement for Red Blooded...

In this novella this shares Jessica's life before she turned into a werewolf. She is the only born female in the world and on top of being a female she can't turn into a wolf. Her father is the pack leader and her brother is a very strong alpha. She has to fight the werewolves because they believe she is the Daughter of Cain. She picks a fight with a wolf to force her father into letting her leave the pack's compound. Eventually she almost loses her life and her father finally agrees to let her leave under a new name with supervision for safety from other wolves and paranormal beings.

Can't wait to reread the first three books over when it comes close to book 4's release date.