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City of Bones

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare Rating this a 4.5.

I guess since I watched the movie prior to reading the book my rating is as such. I love Clary more so in the book because she was sarcastic and witty. She definitely seemed more "I can do anything" in the book and really had her mind set on things. Simon, what can I say...I feel bad for the poor guy because he's in love with his best friend who doesn't love him back. Jace Wayland....still a yummy piece of cake. I love is sarcastic conversations with Clary. The two of them can turn a simple topic into a comedy show.

As for them being brother and sister...I feel bad because they both have fallen in love with one another. Valentine seriously urks my damn nerves and just needs to die already! He just destorys everything whether physically, verbally or emotionally.

Moving on to book 2: City of Ashes sometime soon.