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Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy) (Volume 2)

Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy) (Volume 2) - Laura Howard I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Stone of Destiny was fabulous. I couldn't give it a full 5 stars because I need a bit more drama, but overall I was still impressed.

Allison is still a determined young lady. In this book she is more open to trusting Liam and is still working hard to help her mother be reunited with him without a curse. Allison has her moments where she afraid, but she never lets it overtake her mind and her "mission" -- she is definitely a strong female character.

Ethan is such a sweetheart! I love him and his relationship with Allison. They are such a perfect couple. He made sure to stay with Allison the whole time through her ordeal with the Dannans. His secret crush he had on her was super adorable. Ethan is definitely a hottie in my eyes.

Liam is such an amazing father. Even though he didn't know about his daughters he made an effort to get to know them and become the father he couldn't be at the time of their childhood. He definitely a respectable man and has kudos from me!

Samantha, the long lost secret daughter of Liam and Aoife, seemed fishy at first to me. I thought she was there to help her mother, but the more I read on I began to like her. She only wanted to meet her blood family and make amends with them. What she did towards the end to help Allison and Liam was very awesome.

Aoife is a crazy lady! I mean what woman gives up her child because she doesn't want the baby to steal the attention from her lover? I purely hate Aoife, but she played the deranged, jealous woman to a T.

Saoirse is freaking horrible! How could she help her daughter knowing what her daughter did is wrong. I kind of understand from the parent POV, but at the same time, whether she has emotions or not, she should have reprimanded her daughter. Not help her escape and destroy humans. Such foolishness. Even though she still helps Allison I just think she should have never helped Aoife, but simply keep her in that damn Fey globe.

I definitely need to know what happens next. Is Liam died? Where is Samantha? Does Aoife do the binding? Does Allison go back? Does Aodhan agree to be with Niamh? Just so many unanswered questions!