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The Diamond Thief

The Diamond Thief - Sharon Gosling Received an ARC from NetGalley.

Mild spoilers

This was a very interesting take on circus carnies. I definitely enjoyed reading this story.

Remy was a sweet girl put into a rough situation. No family, no friends and poor. She joined the circus to feel that kind of "safety". The circus however was simply a group of hidden thieves. Remy was the best thief that circus had. One night she is called by the Master to go and survey the Ocean Light Diamond to steal it. Why? The Diamond has a curse placed on him and her lineage. Without the diamond the curse cannot be broken. When she goes to survey the diamond she is thrown into an opportunity of luck, or so she thought and things take a quick turn.

Thaddeus was a young copper who grew up on the streets. When he is left responsible for the diamond and it goes missing he is blamed for it and wanted to for theft. He searches out for Remy, but when they meet up he learns that not only did Remy not have the diamond but an unlikely Lord stole the diamond. Now they must retrieve and work together.

I love the romance the built up between Thaddeus and Remy. It was slow and patient. The perfect pace for this story.

I love that this takes place in London and the writing went extremely well with the setting. I felt apart of the story every turn of the page. I love how the Indian culture is intertwined along with the Indian characters. Amazing combination.

I totally loved the Professor and J. They seemed to be very essential secondary characters to this story and helped it move a bit faster. Lord Abernathy is a cruel man. I totally dislike him! He seemed sweet until the truth of the stolen diamond is discovered and then missing people -- he is a heartless man.

That ending was amazing! I'm trying to figure out how she was able to do it without leaving a trace behind.

I definitely enjoyed this novel and plan to read the sequel soon.