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Coral & Bone

Coral & Bone - Tiffany Daune This was very interesting for me. This book was long winded and got boring sometimes. I gve this book a 3.5 star rating.

I loved Halen as a character. Even though she harbored a lot of anger with her parents and the Taris for lying to her she pulled through. She never let herself get trapped into the darkness. She found a way out. She was a bit whiny at times and insecure but she still kept herself together as best as she could.

Tage was an awesome! I enjoyed her character. At first she just seemed like a spoil brat, but as the story progressed everything began to make sense and who she was pretty crucial to how things laid out.

Dax was a crazy guy at first, but as things moved forward and learning his true identity I began to like him. I thought the feelings he and Halen started to have for each other was so cute.

Asair is an evil son of a gun. He thoroughly pissed me off. He had everything planned out so well for him that it just seemed unbelievable. He made sure his plans were in order and that everything was perfect. The part about what the Tari and Elizabeth I wish I knew the truth.

I loved all the other characters: Ezar, Despar, Corrine, Catch, Huron and others in Elosia. All the characters were fantasically written and all the settings were descriptive and made me feel drawn to them visually which is always a plus!

That ending! That was such a cliffhanger. I seriously did not expect the way it ended.

Overall this was an enjoyble read, I just wish it was a bit more fast paced.