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Irons - M.J. Fields This was such an insane read -- in a good way! M. J. Fields is brilliant and I definitely plan to read the next book.

I gave this a 4.5 star rating simply because Frankie was too childish and I wanted to know more about Jaxson's family.

This follows both Jaxson "Jax" Irons and Francesca "Frankie" Cruz. Jaxson has just lost his bestfriend Will and Will is Frankie's older brother. During the time of the funeral Frankie kisses Jax and admits her feelings. Jax is stunned amd leaves.

After 3 years they are reunited. Frankie still has feelings for him, but she has a dark past. Jax has fallen for her but never had a stable relationship. Somehow, someway they work things out build a great relationship.

Jax is an awesome guy. Granted he treated women like crap majority of the time but he treated Frankie differently. With love and care. Jax admitted things were new to him and even though it was hard for me he still tried to make the relationship work for him.

Frankie is a very insecure young lady. Ever since her brother died she became hooked on sex and alcohol as an escape from the hurt and pain she felt. She totally got on my nerve majority of time because she whined too damn much. Especially on the scenes when she told him to go with Mimi...I want to punch her in the face for being whinny and dramatic.

The sex scenes were damn near intense and vulgar, but very enjoyable nonetheless. If you are not a sex kind of person I would say don't read this book because sex is throughout the book whether spoken or physically done.

That ending surprised the hell out of me. What happened to Frankie was wrong. What Jax found out about him and Mimi was a shocker and I just need to know more!!! Jaxson's mother pissed me off completely. I totally dislike her.

Overall I definitely plan to read the sequel and read more of M. J. Fields work.